Animocje Afterparty: LU, Krzysztof “Freeze” Ostrowski - music + Mikołaj Pilchowski (Rototor) - visuals, dj Paulo

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Animocje Afterparty: LU, Krzysztof “Freeze” Ostrowski - music + Mikołaj Pilchowski (Rototor) - visuals, dj Paulo

Krzysztof “Freeze” Ostrowski - music

Photo of a man leaning over a DJ console.

Krzysztof “Freeze” Ostrowski is a musician, instrumentalist and producer from Bydgoszcz, associated mostly with widely understood electronic music scene. What influences his artistic activity is his extensive experience with sound, including music education, years of music production and work for a brass band. Together with Mateusz Wysocki Fischerle he creates the IFS duo, who released their album „REIFSMA”, recorded with an avant-garde rapper from Tokyo, MA, in 2023.

The album was chosen as:  

1) one of the albums of the year in Nokturn radio broadcast (Krzysztof Kuba Dziuba, Radio Two)

2) one of the tapes of the year according to The Quietus magazine (Daryl Worthington) 

3) one of the electronic albums of the year according to Bandcamp 

4) Furthermore, The Quietus (Jakub Knera) placed Yaksog among The Quietus' Top 75 Tracks Of 2023

REIFSMA had its live premiere at Unsound Festival 2023. He performs solo and in a an audio-visual duo SSM (with Tom Skof, a visual artist), and in many other configurations, usually related to the alternative scene derived from the club Mózg in Bydgoszcz. Together with Kuba Ziołek, in 2018 he founded the duo Clinamen, which debuted with the album "The tropism of spring" in autumn 2020. He recorded and performed with such artists as Piotr Cisak, Grzegorz Pleszyński (Transmemories), Sławek Janicki, Piotr Grygor and orchestra Come Down to Earth.

Mikołaj Pilchowski (Rototor) - visuals

A photo of a TV screen. On the screen, a man with a beard and glasses holds his hand close to his face.

Mikołaj Pilchowski (born 1981) studied animated film at the University of Arts in Poznań from 2002 to 2007. He co-founded the Letko film studio in Warsaw, where he works as an animated film director, animator, and storyboard artist. He conducted a series of workshops related to animated films and multimedia activities, such as video mapping (ASP Wrocław, ASP Gdańsk, Film School in Łódź, Animator Festival in Poznań, and others). Artistically involved in experimental and performative activities in the technique of analog video signal processing. He treats devices such as a camera, monitor, or video mixer combined into complex "organisms" as instruments of improvisation with the image. In these activities, he is interested in the relationship between the senses and technology and the aspect of conscious presence in the creative process.

Instagram: @_rototor_

LU aka Lucid Fox

A black and white photo of a woman with light hair gathered in a ponytail. The woman is wearing a white T-shirt.

LU aka Lucid Fox has been in love with braindance since 2001 and it is precisely this genre that she will be serving at the party (samples of previous treats can be found here and here She played with producers such as: Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach, Aaron Specter, Xanopticon, Ebola, TechDiff, Electric Kettle, Stazma, I:Gor Official, Sunosis, RAXYOR, Duran Duran Duran, Ruby My Dear aka Doc Colibri, Simon kor Funkle. Additionally she has been involved in editing and producing music for contemporary dance performances and other incidental projects. Her productions and DJ sets have been featured on several radio stations in Poland, including Radio Roxy. She has collaborated on music with Stefan Węgłowski, Dwali, and Xoop (check it out here: She has been playing at events since 2000. Her musical journey has traversed through old school, breakbeat, digital hardcore (which she still holds a fondness for), and dubstep, hardstep, and darkstep. She co-hosts the program "Idzie Lis" (formerly "Z Winyla") on the online There she talks to Kuba Ignasiak about cultural issues, often embellishing abstract dialogues with all kinds of music, with an emphasis on electronic music (see here Lu was a resident DJ at the NRD Club in Toruń, and later at Mózg in Bydgoszcz. She organized ad hoc events under the name "Miasto Muzyki Niczyjej" (City of Nobody's Music) and residency nights "Lis przy Barze" (Fox at the Bar) at Mózg in Bydgoszcz and at Klubokawiarnia KEN 54 in Warsaw. P.S. Sometimes the Fox will also make a collage - search for @iskaltcreative.

DJ Paulo

Photo of a man in a T-shirt and black cap. The man is leaning over a DJ console and a microphone. Stage lights in the background.

DJ Paulo - known worldwide and in his local county. A musician and instrumentalist, he is a member of the Bydgoszcz-based group B.O.K, within the broadly understood framework of hip-hop. Until the late ’80s, he explored various musical styles ranging from Queen, Prince, and Madonna to E.M.F, Technotronic, Black Box, Massive Attack, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Gang Starr, to the jungle DJ Remarc, and Tresor Rec. There, he began his DJ journey by mixing vinyl records. In the early 1999s, he became active as a DJ. Collaborating with rap artists locally and nationwide, he joined the rap and club music scene in Bydgoszcz in 2002. Already a more recognizable figure in the local DJ scene, he was invited to collaborate with the group BiszOerKay, now B.O.K, where he continues to thrive as a DJ to this day. Beyond music: he is an enthusiast of electronics, design, and graphics; a graffiti artist, and a rollerblader.