• Films for Children - competition - PLN 1
  • International Competition - PLN 5
  • Full-length films for children - PLN 5
  • Full-length films for adults - PLN 10
  • Curator’s sets - PLN 10
  • Online meetings and results announcement gala - free of charge


  • access to all content (paid and unpaid) presented on the platform requires a free account on the website and login

Paid screenings

  • materials available until to a certain hour on a certain day
  • access availble via purchasing a ticket
  • tickets available prior to the screenings but not later than 15 minutes after the screeening starts
  • access to a purchased screening will be open for 48 hours (unless otherwise specified) after the given screening starts and the watching proces must be completed within that 48 hours period. (example: the screening for the International Competition starts on Monday 19.04 at 5PM. The access to purchasing the ticket is closed on 19.04 at 5.15PM. The ticket is going to expire on Wednesday 21.04 at 4.59PM

Event pass

Event pass is valid for all paid events - PLN 65,01

To buy a event pass, you need to add all available paid events to the basket (there must be a total of 19/17/15 - depending on the day). The value of the basket will be automatically reduced to PLN 65.01.


The workshops are free of charge, but the number of places is limited, so registration is required:

Workshop program.