Children’s Films Competition / 10-12 years / elementary school

Competition screenings
For children
1 zł per school (payment at the MCK box office before the screening)
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Screening duration: approx.. 60 min + introduction by Adam Gajewski

Subscription:, tel. 52 32 55 553

Fiaskó (Fiasco)

Szabolcs Nagy / Hungary 2017 / 4’38’’

An old man lives his ordinary life in the woods when out of the blue a queer fellow knocks on his doorstep to try and sell him some magical treasures.


Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, Jérémie Cottard, Matthieu Druaud, Adrien Zumbihl / France 2017 / 7’41’’

Overrun, tells the story of an ant who is plunged into a dark and cold place. We follow it’s journey through this seemingly disturbing and dangerous, yet fascinating world and its quest to escape.

Burn Out

Cécile Carre / France 2017 / 4’15’’

Stella, a space mechanician, has broken down and ended on a desert planet. While she is in despair, a little girl appears out of nowhere. Following the child into a tunnel, in the depths of the planet, she discovers a big cave full of objects that belonged to her.


Quentin Haberham / Great Britain 2017 / 9’20’’

Francis raises his son like he cultivates his plants, shielded from harm, comfortable inside. However when the boy outgrows his father’s protective confines, Francis must face an uncomfortable truth.

Mémo (Memo)

Julien Becquer, Éléna Dupressoir, Jules Durand, Viviane Guimarães, Inès Scheiber / France 2017 / 4’40’’

Louis, a retired man, resists the overprotection of his daughter Nina to keep his independence.

Science Set

Eli Schwanz / Canada 2017 / 5’38’’

This animation explores the aesthetic of science-like structures by traveling hrough a moving factory-like grid. Inspired by chemistry sets and science textbooks as well as Time-Life illustration of the 60s.


Akbar Torabpour / Iran 2016 / 1’03’’

In a peaceful village every-day reality is abruptly broken by wild techonological progress. Is the happy end possible?

Otesánek (Insatiable)

Linda Retterová / Czech Republic 2017 / 5’26’’

Do you know the czech traditional fairytale about Otesanek? Do you know how it would end if the old woman would not stop him? Linda Retterová is working with alternative end of this fairytale. She is inspired by her own ideas from childhood where the end of the fairytale doesn’t take end.


Camille Canonne, Laura Bouillet, Michael Hoft, Catherine Le Quang, Pauline Raffin, Martin Villert / France 2017 / 4’57’’

A glutton bear tries hard to steal a picnic basket located in a scout camp. Sadly for him, this camp is ruled by an ex-military scout leader who is obsessed with labelling things. The bear doesn't realize he is going to embark on a frantic high-speed chase...


Aline Höchli / Switzerland 2017 / 3’10’’

The skinny, young girl spends her time alone feeding pigeons in the park. But even they fly away from her. Suddenly, company turns up. But the beanpole feels uneasy about the new companionship, so she sets about going to a specialist for parasites.


Kaja Krzysiek / Poland 2017 / 5’14’’

The protagonist decides to explore undefined/ unknown planet where he finds out ruins of an alien civilization.


Äggie Pak Yee Lee / Estonia, Hong Kong 2017 / 4’10’’

In an Art Muzeum, we better learn well, from outer to inner, from deep to very deep, seriously and sincerely.


Mélissandre Hennuyer / France 2017 / 6’16’’

Amy, a young orphan living alone in an abandoned cable car winds the key of her mechanical bird. The two friends go to a landfill to scavenge. They wander through the piles of scrap when Amy discovers a giant key.