Children’s Films Competition / pre-school kids

Competition screenings
For children
1 zł per school (payment at the MCK box office before the screening)
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Screening duration: approx.. 60 min + introduction by Adam Gajewski

Subscription:, tel. 52 32 55 553

BaDaBoo: the boat trip

Glenn D'Hondt / Belgium 2017 / 7’18’’

Bada, Dada and Boo go on an adventure together! Playing together, they use their imagination to find a solution to every problem.

Kokosha (Coco's Day)

Tatiana Moshkova / Russia 2017 / 2’20’

Meet Coco, a little crocodile who hides from blizzards, explores underwater worlds and even turns into Godzilla – and all inside one flat!

Koyaa - Razigrani avtomobilček (Koyaa - Naughty Toy Car)

Kolja Saksida / Slovenia 2017 / 2’45’’

It’s raining outside and Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. When Koyaa has finished cleaning, he proudly looks around and steps on a toy car he’s missed. He takes a crazy ride, zig-zagging around the place like a figure skater out of control.


Olga Poliektova / Russia 2017 / 1’55’’

Film about big adventure of one small turtle which is trying to find his family.


Robert Löbel / Germany 2017 / 2’30’’

On a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.

Rodzina Treflików - W Poszukiwaniu Skarbu ("Treasure Hunt" - The Treflik Family)

Marek Skrobecki / Poland 2017 / 8’30’’

Treflik and his sister Treflinka are given a map necessary to find a treasure.

Un peu perdu (A Bit Lost)

Helene Ducrocq / France 2017 / 5’

Little Owl has fallen from his nest and landed on the ground. Now he is lost, and his mummy is nowhere to be seen! With the earnest help of his new friend Squirrel, Little Owl goes in search of animals that fit his description of Mummy Owl.

The wolf's eyelash

Liza Starikova / Russia 2016 / 6’14’’

This is a story about growing up and desiring to get back to those days when every day seemed sunny and friendly.


Elham Toroghi / Iran 2018 / 9’17’’

A White Cat lives in a city of black residents. No one pays attention to him because he looks different. Even the black cats tease him. All desperate and hopeless, he meets a little white bird.


Sergei  Ryabov / Russia 2018 / 2’53’’

Inseparable Girl and Cat are playing checkers. The cat loses over and over.


Marlies van der Wel / Holland 2016 / 2’18’’

When SABAKU’s best friend Buffalo passes away, he needs to find himself a new friend. He tries connecting with different species, but soon finds out that isn't as easy as it seems.

Twin Islands

Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot, Fanny Teisson / France 2017 / 7’18’’

Twin Island East and Twin Island West are two twin islands governed by two kings, where the inhabitants follow the cult of symmetry. Therefore, everything goes two by two. But one day, the queen of Twin Island West gives birth to an only child, to her husband's utter dismay...