Constellation Shorts Adventure vol. 1

For adults
Short films
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Discovering a new galaxy of cinema! We are pleased to announce the creation of Film Festivals Constellation, an international film festival collaboration network!

Animocje IAFF / Lublin Film Festival / Opolskie Lamy Film Festival / Przeźrocza Film Festival / StopTrik IFF - they join forces to provide you with a unique film experience. Five unique programs will create a galaxy of trends, styles and forms, offering a unique opportunity to draw from a wealth of different approaches to cinema. We invite you to a unique journey during which you will meet many surprises.

On August 20th we welcome you to the first cinematic trip - Constellation Shorts Adventure vol. 1. Benting the time-space continuity we will simultaneously present splendid European short films acknowledged by the attendees and Jury of our festivals. The chosen constellation of films is an energetic blend of genre and style of an award-winning art-house cinema.

20.08.2020, Thursday, at 8pm


  • Opole, Mały Rynek  - FF Opolskie Lamy
  • Maribor, Maribor, Infopeka - MFF StopTrik
  • Bydgoszcz, klub Mózg - MFFA Animocje, FF Przeźrocza
  • Lublin – Sala Kinowa Centrum Kultury w Lublinie -  Lubelski Festiwal Filmowy


Marcel, dir. Marcin Mikulski (Poland) 26' - live-action fiction

Marcel goes unnoticed by anybody. He's never controlled by the ticket inspector, his boss forgets about him while dividing the tasks, and the lovers don't mind his presence while kissing passionately in the elevator. His life is blessed with no obligations. This ideal world falls down like a house of cards when one morning he saves his neighbour from a suicide. A chain of unexpected events pushes him to the utmost extreme solutions.

Farewell, dir. Leon Vidmar (Slovenia) 6' - animation

Lovro is tired and sad. He fills the bathtub with water, looking at the droplets dripping from the tap.As one hits the water surface, Lovro remembers the day he first went fishing with his grandpa. Memory and reality merge into one.

Leocadia's Dream, dir. Krzysztof Nowicki (Poland) 18' - documentary

Leocadia has been running a small family music shop on Las Ramblas for many decades. The camera observes the last, very hard, months of her work because her shop is to be closed down. Her shop sells classical music albums on vinyl. She begins to throw away her old records, leaving them on benches along Las Ramblas as she takes her beloved little dog for a walk. By leaving the records, she leaves traces of her past behind her.

25/25. dir. Aga Jarząb, Maciek Bączyk (Poland) 4' - animation

Referring to the tradition of numbering subsequent graphic prints, the title also means the movie sequence was drawn on "25 frames per second". Drawings, containing huge numbers of micro-actions, differ from previous ones in minute details. The soundtrack combines field recording with electronic music.

Best Game Ever, dir. Kristóf Deák (Hungary) 20' - live-action fiction

When two CCTV technicians find out about an AI machine threatening their jobs, they must get out of their chairs to beat the system - leading them to an unexpected solution. Film by the Oscar winner Kristóf Deák.