still from "You Are Not a Kiwi", dir. Maria Saveleva

Films for Children and Young Adults Competition 12+

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Short films

El Desfile de los Ausentes / The March of the Missing, Marcos Almada Rivero, Mexico 2020, 9’43’’

A city of iron hosts a lavish government parade, bringing joy and gifts to the calm life of its citizens. Two outisde observers - the first through a tall window, the second through the lens of a camera - are the only ones to notice a group of protesters blocking the path of the main vehicle to call attention to an unjust tragedy. 

The Landing, Kaisa Penttilä, Finland 2021, 9’23’’

A family holiday in a zoo is interrupted when an unknown species tries to enter the zone.

You Are Not a Kiwi, Maria Saveleva, Estonia 2020, 5’31’’

It's more than just feathers or a number of fingers… Mr. Notakiwi wants to join the community. Is society ready to accept the other and his song..?

Dans la Nature / In Nature, Marcel Barelli, Switzerland 2021, 5’16’’

In nature, a couple is a male and a female. Well, not always! A couple is also a female and a female. Or a male and a male. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn't just a human story.

Otthon / Home, Kinga Rofusz, Hungary 2020, 7’43’’

Home is more than a place where we live. It is also a feeling of trust, being within your family. This feeling is transferred from generation to generation. This film follows a little boy losing his home through mourning and relocation, and questions if it is possible to recapture the feeling in another place.

Totem, Katrine Glenhammer, Denmark 2020, 10’

TOTEM is the story of a little woman seeking a totem animal. She selects a giant wild boar, and decides to tame it. But the boar’s strength and brutality is too much for the warlike hunter, and she gets swallowed by the animal. But down in the stomach she hears the animal’s heart beating, and she decides to fight her way out, whatever it takes.

Mora Mora, Jurga Šeduikytė, Lithuania 2021, 10’05’’

Little Mora is sinking into an endless sea. What looks like a little island appears to be a floating piano – her transitory salvation. Discovering she can conjure up the wind by pressing piano keys, Mora starts a journey through a dormant world. Getting acquainted with its features and creatures, Mora looks for ways to bring it back to life.

The Invention of Less, Noah Erni, Switzerland 2021, 3’03’’

Due to global warming a young polar bear has to leave her home in summer 2031 and moves to Zurich. Together with all other animals she tries to make a living until she suddenly has an idea, that will change the world for ever.

La cómoda indiferencia de la abundancia / The comfortable indifference of abundance, Lucas Schiaroli, Argentina 2021, 4’22’’

A Fish Boy travels long distances through the countryside in search of some water to survive. In Wet City, not far from there, its inhabitants squander water daily, using it carelessly. An unexpected storm will change everyone’s life and put things in their place.

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