still from "That Doesn't Fit", dir. Ackshaj Anand

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Margarethe 89, Lucas Malbrun, France, 2023, 18’37’’

A still from an animated film. A woman with short, purple hair stands against the background of large brick buildings. There are several red and yellow spots around her.

Leipzig, 1989. Margarethe, a young punk opposed to the East German regime, is detained in a psychiatric hospital. She dreams of breaking out to join the man she loves - a punk musician named Heinrich. Though the regime's days may well be numbered, the Stasi informants are more present than ever.

Just keep trying, Karolina Borgiasz, Poland, 2022, 5’

A still from an animated film. A hunched figure in a sweater and shorts stands in the middle of a road surrounded by grass. In front of her is a red hula hoop.

A tragicomedy about human efforts.

Box Cutters, Naomi Van Niekerk, France, 2023, 8’24’’

A still from an animated film. Black and white image. A woman with  black sweater. The woman has her eyes closed. On the wall behind her is a shelf with a potted flower and a camera.

A young woman recalls a day when she was attacked by three men on her way home, but daily life must resume its course.

a WORLD in CHAOS, David Crisp, Hungary, 2023, 9’46’’

A still from an animated film. A large, gray elephant stands next to a smaller, brown elephant. They both have dark circles under their purple eyes. Safari scenery in the background.

A series of insights into the meaning of life and the moral concerns of humans told through a selection of animals in their natural habitats re-enacting unfortunate everyday situations and highlighting the absurd nature and preposterous consequences of ethics, emotion, behaviour and the very concept of humankind on planet earth.

Heart Hug, Rimma Gefen, Nika Zhukova, Israel, 2023, 8’46’’

A still from an animated film. The painting was made using the cut-out technique. Kitchen. An elderly woman in glasses and an apron pets a large, orange dog that looks like a lion.

"Heart Hug'' is a deeply moving film that explores the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine through the lens of a lovely duo. The film is based on a true story about the power of human connection and the beautiful bond between an elderly woman named Lilia and her faithful companion, Max, a big orange dog. The film is a story of love, loss, and resilience, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, the connections we create are our strengths.

The Skatebook, Sofia Negri, United Kingdom, 2022, 5’12’’

A still from an animated film. A girl in a helmet stands in the skate park. Behind her sits a large,  cartoonish figure of a girl with purple hair who leans forward and looks at the girl in front of her.

What's this noise? Who's that skater down the alley trying to land the same trick for the nth time? If you want to know better, have a look at the animated pages of the Skatebook, which reveal the thoughts, memories, hopes and fears of the expanding skateboarding scene in London.

Our Uniform, Yegane Moghaddam, Iran, 2023, 6’59’’

A still from an animated film. Image on the material. Iranian girl in school uniform. She wears a hijab - a headgear for women from Arab countries. The material is slightly wrinkled.

An Iranian girl unfolds her school memories through the wrinkles and fabrics of her old uniform. She admits that she's nothing but a "female" and explores the roots of this idea in her school years.

The Garden of Heart, Olivér Hegyi, Hungary, 2022, 10’32’’

A still from an animated film. The interior of a mole's burrow. There is a TNT explosive in front of the mole. There are lots of red, orange and pink poppies around the mole hole.

A young aspiring painter with low self-esteem is in his last round of interviews at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts. While waiting for his interview, his demons appear to him in the form of garden pests.

That Doesn't Fit, Ackshaj Anand, India, 2023, 3’10’’

A still from an animated film. Four figures in navy blue uniforms with puzzle pieces for heads stand on  the pitch. One of the figures is holding a basketball, a brown building in the background.

'That Doesnʼt Fit' is a 2D animated slapstick miscellany depicting various uncomfortable scenarios where people fit in too much, rife with satire and social commentary.

49 385, Helena Stańczyk, Poland, 2023, 8’

A still from an animated film. A black figure in a German uniform with a swastika on his shoulder holds a photograph in his hand. In the photo, a smiling woman in a black dress stands in front of a store window.

War is not only great battles, but above all small, everyday skirmishes of millions of people affected by it. Grandma Zosia knows this first hand. With extraordinary distance and a sense of humor, she talks about the difficulties of the wartime and camp reality she experienced as a young girl. The film, apart from outlining the history, primarily presents an extraordinary person with an exceptional character, which is grandma Zosia. Animated documentary based on voice recordings recorded during the film’s author family meeting.