still from "My name is Fear", dir. Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez

Films for Children and Young Adults Competition 3+

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Short films

Ink, Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk, Netherlands 2020, 2’14’’

In this ultrashort animated film, we follow an octopus who is a clean-up neat-freak. But sometimes, even though you have so many arms, you still cannot reach what you are aiming for.

Blue Curry, Magali Dunyach, Chien-Ju Hung, Jimin Jung, Vajra Pancharia, Léa Pietrzyk, France 2021, 5’47’’

The greatest life lessons are learned through simplest of experiences. When your regular kitchen turns into your biggest classroom... and Mom just serves you a plate of wisdom.

Kiwi & Strit - Things Have Legs, Esben Toft Jacobsen, Denmark 2021, 5’

The two funny and furry little creatures Kiwi and Strit live in a clearing in the forest. Kiwi is considerate, careful and yellow, while Strit is wild and purple and they have very different approaches to almost everything.

Saka sy Vorona – Katze und Vogel / Cat and Bird, Franka Sachse, Germany 2021, 7’36’’

A white bird living in a black world encounters a black cat living in a white world. The moment they meet, their backgrounds literally collide.

Chamallow, Marie Narrat, France 2020, 2’57’’

Lucie is a little 8-year-old girl who sleeps peacefully one night in her room. A creature sneaks across the room with only one objective, Lucie's packet of marshmallows. A clumsiness awakens the little girl, who then comes face to face with Malo. This unexpected encounter will push them to discover each other…

Toru Superlis: Kraken / Toru Superfox: Cracken, Piotr Szczepanowicz, Poland 2021, 7’30’’

Little fox Toru decides to become a superhero following the footsteps of his Grandma - the legendary Supervixen. Whenever there are some troubles, Toru puts on his superhero band and rushes to help.

My name is Fear, Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez, Germany 2021, 5’28’’

The charming emotion "Fear" that lives in your head wants to give an interview. Maybe you can become friends! Or is there a reason to be afraid of being afraid?

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