"Tankboy", dir. Novella

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I'm not afraid!, Marita Mayer, Norway, 2022, 7’02’’

During a game of hide and seek Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has far too many dark corners, weird shadows and strange noises. To overcome the fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger!

Toying Box, Vivek Prakash, India, 2022, 6’04’’

Two kids play with their imagination while living around automation. A Surrealist journey of kids through colors, textures, shapes and Blue Line mixed with their playful sounds and the rhythm of automation. This film is an allegorical representation of animation and automation.

Giggle Wiggle – Hot Summer Day/ Chichraszek – gorący letni dzień, Marzena Nehrebecka, Poland, 2021, 6’

Giggle Wiggle tells a story of a friendship between a great green gnome Giggle Wiggle and a little girl named Blabberina, who engage (be it willingly or otherwise) in colossal conflicts of tiny nations. In Giggle Wiggle’s world, quarrelsome characters are small and silly.

Letters From the Edge of the Forest, Jelena Oroz, Croatia, 2022, 12’17’'

A group of forest animals set out on the adventure of learning to write. A squirrel, a tiger, a hedgehog and an elephant will write many wrong letters and scrambled words, and in the end, learn the importance of togetherness, perseverance and knowledge.

Tankboy, Novella, Singapore, 2021, 6’40’’

A young boy moves into a new town, when suddenly strange tears start to flow non-stop from his eyes. He devises a solution: a tank on his head. As the day goes, he realises that the tank might not be as fool-proof as he thought.

Lost Brain, Isabelle Favez, Switzerland, 2021, 6’31’’

One day, Louise the crocodile, accidentally sneezes her brain out. To top it all off, it even escapes! This suddenly makes it difficult for Louise to perform the simplest tasks and nothing works out anymore.

I want to be a know-nothing-at-all- Petit, Bernardita Ojeda, Chile, 2021, 7’28’'

Petit (5) is a boy who, in his eagerness to make his wishes come true, uses the most imaginative and original logics. Petit's ideas are innocent, but they defy the world's logic and expose its contradictions. Whether he is right or wrong, Petit never gives up, even if the world thinks otherwise.
When I learn I get bored.
All the time I'm learning.
I'm bored all the time. I don't want to learn anything anymore!