"Death of The Gods", dir. Leto Stojanovic Meade

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Death of The Gods, Leto Stojanovic Meade, United Kingdom, 2022, 11’32’’

The story of a hug. A boy’s journey across a surreal world to find his fallen giant.

The Turnip/ Naeris, Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu, Estonia, 2022, 7’12’’

The film's story is based on the Slavic folktale, which has been told for ages by the peasants point of view. The film shows story from underground angle - giving overview what really happened while peasants were engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. Also about property, collaboration and betrayal.

The Boy and the Elephant. Le Garçon et l’Eléphant, Sonia Gerbeaud, France, 2022, 6’40’’

The arrival of a new elephant-headed student in class triggers mockery and sarcasm. One of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this strange child.

Marea, Giulia Martinelli, Switzerland, 2022, 4’30’’

A special family of moon guardians is living on a tiny island and dealing with the ups and downs of their everyday life and of the tide.
The film depicts the delicate balance between the characters and the environment in which they live.

Snoozy the Badger, David Súkup, Czech Republic, 2023, 8’07’’

Snoozy the badger  warns a charming weasel Hazel, that the Sunken Waters Cave, which she is heading to, is a home of monstrous, bloodsucking Leechers – vicious mosquitoes who have turned into bloodthirsty creatures. Smellias the skunk laughs at it in disbelief. He offers to escort Hazel, while mocking Snoozy. Afterall Snoozy finds courage thanks to the advice of his good friend Oola the owl and her bag of delicious donuts. He sets off to help Hazel.

Sister/ Siostra, Kasia K. Pieróg, Poland, 2022, 12’

The two Sisters travel across the Realm of Clouds, looking for the Big Tree. Their way will be full of setbacks, self-sacrifices, sadness, and yet filled with joy. Across their eventful journey, while getting closer to their destination, they will become closer to themselves as well. The film pictures a multidimensional dynamic and growth of an emotional bond within a sisterhood's relationship.

The Queen of the Foxes/ La Reine des Renards, Marina Rosset, Switzerland, 2022, 8’50’’

In the hopes of seeing their queen smile again, a group of foxes rummage through the city's trash, searching for all the love letters that were never sent.