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El Capuli, Carlos Sosa, Ekwador / Ecuador, 2019, 10’40’’

El Capuli is a big man, with enormous hands, and a very particular dream: to be a hairdresser. One day he finds opportunity to make his dream a reality. But it will not be easy.

Coeur Fondant / Melting Heart Cake, Benoît Chieux, Francja / France, 2019, 11’20’’

Anna ventures on through a glacial forest, haunted by a terrifying bearded giant. All animals that cross his path disappear.

Assim Mas Sem Ser Assim / So But Not So, Pedro Brito, Portugalia / Portugal, 2019, 10’25’’

Encouraged by his father not to spend all his time indoors playing computer games, a boy sets out on the adventure of meeting his neighbors.

C'est moi le plus beau / I am so Handsome, Anais Sorrentino & Arnaud Demuynck, Francja, Belgia / France, Belgium, 2018, 5’19’’

Mr Wolf wakes up in an unusually good mood. He goes off for a walk around the forest, so that everyone can confirm that he is the most handsome creature around! He is soon to be sorely disappointed! 

Mare Monstrum, Lucia Hernandez, Àngel Estois & Mercè Sendino, Hiszpania / Spain, 2019, 5’29’’

In this animated documentary, we will closely follow the adventures of Flanitus, a new species of fish that inhabits the depths.

Paper Kite, Assia Kovanova, Bułgaria / Bulgaria, 2019, 8’20’’

А sheet of paper, a math problem, a kite and… two children – a boy and a girl who will find the answer.

Maré / Tide, Joana Rosa Bragança, Portugalia / Portugal, 2019, 14’6’’

A fantastic and giant being discovers a pleasant place of great natural beauty. There, he meets a cheerful little boy with whom he creates a bond of friendship. But one day, peace is threatened by a polluting and noisy tide.

Saturday's Apartment, Jeon Seungbae, Korea Południowa / South Korea, 2018, 7’

In an apartment building, members of 5 different families struggle with noises between floors... Will there ever be quiet?