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“Image Flowing Through Cables” - workshops with Mikołaj Pilchowski 

For children
For adults
05.00 - 08.00 PM


“Image Flowing Through Cables” - workshops with Mikołaj Pilchowski 

April 18th and 19th 2024, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m., Art Nouveau lounge of the Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz (2nd floor, room 75), ul. Marcinkowskiego 12-14

Participants: 16+

Admission: PLN 15/2 days

Confirmation of participation is the purchase of a ticket for 15.00 PLN at the MCK ticket office after prior registration by e-mail.

“Image Flowing Through Cables” - workshops withMikołaj Pilchowski 

The “Image Flowing Through Cables” workshop is a deep dive into the video feedback technique, allowing participants to explore the unique artistic possibilities of analog television systems. During two three-hour sessions, conducted in the context of the Animocje animated film festival, participants - regardless of their experience - have the opportunity to explore this method of creating images that is becoming obsolete.

The workshops offer both a theoretical introduction to the history and basics of the technology, as well as practical exercises using analog video equipment. Participants will work with cameras, CRT monitors and video mixers, creating images that combine the features of performativity, improvisation and unpredictability.

The goal is not only to learn and practice, but also to understand the deeper cultural and philosophical aspects of working with analog images. These workshops are an invitation to reflect on the changing meaning of image in the digital age, encouraging participants to experiment and appreciate the aesthetics and creative process that stands in opposition to contemporary digitalization.


Mikołaj Pilchowski (born 1981) studied animated film at the University of Arts in Poznań from 2002 to 2007. He co-founded the Letko film studio in Warsaw, where he works as an animated film director, animator, and storyboard artist. He conducted a series of workshops related to animated films and multimedia activities, such as video mapping (ASP Wrocław, ASP Gdańsk, Film School in Łódź, Animator Festival in Poznań, and others). Artistically involved in experimental and performative activities in the technique of analog video signal processing. He treats devices such as a camera, monitor, or video mixer combined into complex "organisms" as instruments of improvisation with the image. In these activities, he is interested in the relationship between the senses and technology and the aspect of conscious presence in the creative process.
Instagram: @rototor