still from "Ice Merchants", dir. João Gonzalez

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Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez, Portugal, 2022, 14’33’’

A still from an animated film. A large orange house connected to a gray rock by ropes. There is a small figure on the balcony of the house.

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

Fox Tossing, Zénó Kristóf Mira, Hungary, 2023, 7’48’’

A still from an animated film. Two rows of figures in white dresses stand facing each other. The figures hold long strips of white cloth. Between them, the bodies of bleeding foxes, some of them floating in the air.

In 17th-century Europe, there was a now-forgotten aristocratic pastime/bloodsport called "fox tossing". Based on this strange cultural phenomenon, the animated short aims to present the hedonistic life of the people of a palace, in which foxes participate as playthings sentenced to death.

Crush, Michał Socha, Jakub Socha, Poland, 2022, 8’18’’

A still from an animated film. Two cars standing next to each other. Front of cars illuminated by headlights. In the background, a traffic light with red and yellow lights on.

An ambitious thief wants to steal a precious diamond from a heavily guarded vault. On his way, he unexpectedly meets competition - a femme fatale who appeared for the same purpose. The rivalry for the diamond slowly turns into a mutual fascination that takes the couple into a world between dream and reality. Their gameplay balances between danger and sensual flirtation. The film is a mix of crime and love story, with a dose of humor.

Electra, Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic, 2023, 26’33’’

A frame from an animated film. Several naked mannequins, some of them sitting, some standing. In the background there are several TV screens standing on top of each other. The face of the same man appears on the TV screens.

Electra rethinks her 10th birthday, mixing memories with dreams. Isolated in her fantasy world full of busty dolls, plastic men’s body parts and dentist tools, she builds up her own relationships with her body and sexuality. Diving deeper into her childhood memories, Electra goes through the most painful memories to let her suppressed feelings come out.

Astrogolem, Thorsten Fleisch, Germany, 2023, 6’23’’

A still from an animated film. Front and face profile of a strange creature. The face is part human, part robot-like. The facial parts are a mixture of cables in different colors.

The film tells a story of love, sacrifice, and the consequences of playing with powers beyond human understanding. It is a thrilling journey into a world where science and the supernatural coexist, and the choices we make have the power to shape our destiny.

27, Flóra Anna Buda, Węgry, France, 2023, 10’40’’

A still from an animated film. Naked body of a woman standing backwards. In the background, a window overlooking the buildings. On the window sill, an ashtray with a cigarette and a black mug.

Alice is 27 years old today. Even though she is suffocating a bit, she still lives with her parents and tends to live in her dreams to escape her dreary everyday life. After a psychedelic party on a factory roof, she has a serious drunken bike accident. Will this give her the courage to become an adult?