still from "Misaligned", dir. Marta Magnuska

International Competition II

Competition screenings
Short films

Before the screening, we invite you to a Q&A with the guests and creators, which will take place at 4.00 p.m. at Music Cafe Szpulka.

The Miracle, Nienke Deutz, Belgium, 2023, 15’02’’

A still from an animated film. Cafe interior. A girl with dark hair and a yellow dress holds a mobile phone in her hands. There are other people sitting at the table behind her.

40-year old Irma goes on a vacation to an all-inclusive resort. Soon after her arrival she realizes the place is meant for young families. Irma has to find her own place in this holiday paradise.

Dog - Apartment, Priit Tender, Estonia, 2022, 14’14’’

A still from an animated film. A deserted road. A man with a black coat and a black suitcase in his hands walks towards the house. Next to it there is a ditch with an open car. In the background, a row of high-voltage stations.

Ills of fortune have deported a ballet dancer Sergei to a suburban kolhoz. Here he's having his mundane fights against routine, domestic animals and alcohol.

Whatever moves is alive, Noémie Marsily, Belgium, 2022, 11’05’’

A still from an animated film. Drawing. Face of a person with glasses. The person has blue hair and eyes.

While slugs wander across the kitchen floor, Noémie draws up her self-portrait, shifting and fragmented, on the edge between the intimate and the hubbub of the world.

Nun or Never!, Heta Jäälinoja, Finland, 2023, 10’52’’

A still from an animated film. Cartoon image. A large black ball with four small faces. Each face has a smoldering cigarette in its mouth. Clouds of smoke rise from it.

A nun digs a man up from the ground and loses her grip on everyday life. Can secrets and harmony coexist?

World to Roam, Stephen Irwin, United Kingdom, 2023, 12’21’’ 

A still from an animated film. Two small figures that look like elderly people are hugging each other. They are in a dark room with stairs.

Mother and Father lay the child in his cot at the same time every night. However, come morning, only a shallow crater remains; a baby-shaped depression. The boy was destined to be a wanderer.

Misaligned, Marta Magnuska, Poland, Latvia, 2022, 7’

A still from an animated film. Sketch. The face of a woman with large white glasses holds a knife in front of her. There is a yellow lip print on the knife blade.

The woman and the man are in a room, a gecko sits in a terrarium, several flies are circling a lamp. Gradually we find more and more dependencies and analogies between their activities and observed elements as the rhythm of their universes accelerates. The microcosms shown seem to interact rhythmically and belong to some cosmic order.