Fot. still from "Your Bad Animals", dir. Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen

International Competition III

Competition screenings
Short films

Just A Guy, Shoko Hara, Germany 2020, 15’

Just A Guy is an animated documentary short film about love. Three women share glimpses of their affection, attraction and relationship with Richard Ramirez: A serial killer and rapist they contacted after he was convicted.

Glückspfad / Lucky Path, Jakob Werner, Thea Sparmeier, Pauline Cremer, Germany 2021, 5’19’’

Hair on women’s bodies. A topic that inevitably preoccupies a woman as soon as the first hairs sprout. Franka had a lot of hair on her legs, under her arms, on her belly – like many women. Depilation hurt, didn’t feel right. But is there another alternative accepted by society? Franka tells about her experience and her decision to let her body hair grow.

Psie pole / Dog's Field, Michalina Musialik, Poland 2020, 11’48’’

Animals closed in a flat with a decomposing corpse of their owner try to survive. In this difficult situation one of the dogs finds out that love for its owner is stronger than animal instinct.

See Me, Patty Stenger, Yvonne Kroese, Netherlands 2020, 8’22’’

When nobody sees you, you seem to disappear. Only when you fall, you seem to belong, just for a little while.

Your Bad Animals, Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen, Israel 2022, 11’15’

Rachel, a rebellious young mouse who lives with her depressed mother in a burrow, starts dating the most dangerous animals in the city above the ground.

Colony, Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, USA 2021, 13’22’’

Colony is an animated film exploring childbirth and pregnancy through the lens of lineage, fear, loss of self, and the ascension to motherhood. A woman scientist’s entomological work creeps into her psyche as her pregnancy progresses and she becomes more hostile towards her partner. As she increasingly becomes obsessed with the ant queen of her research colony, the lines between the ant and human experience blur.

Subway, Robert Kuźniewski, Poland 2020, 5’

Typical situation on the subway. Plasticine grotesque. Social satire.

Ding / Thing, Malte Stein, Germany 2021, 4’32’’

Haunted by a little thing, a man gets driven to the edge.