It’s hard to be a supervillain, dir. Krzysztof Ostrowski, Q&A with the director

For adults
Full-lenght films
8.30 PM


The series tells the story of two protagonists: Supervillain, a once popular bad guy, and his son Supervillain Junior, a shy and introverted teenager.

Over thirteen episodes - located in Łódź, Poland - Supervillain and Supervillain Jr. struggle with everyday life and wonder how to take over the world. Their methods are poles apart. The father is desperately trying to earn a living and save face as he continues his villainous career, which in reality looks rather chaotic. Meanwhile, his son is patiently devising a perfect plan for global destruction in the quiet of his room. Bullied at school by bigger boys, Junior looks within himself and discovers supernatural powers that let him influence physical objects. However, he needs his father to be able to use them. One afternoon, the father becomes the catalyst for Junior’s special power. Together, the father and the son will cause the world to notice them and pay them due respect.

Starring:: Janusz Chabior


Krzysztof Ostrowski 

He debuted in the mid-1990s in the magazine Czas komiksu [Comics Time]. As cartoonist and illustrator, he published in many magazines such as Playboy, Newsweek, Machina, and Gazeta Wyborcza. He released five comic albums, including Narko, written by Dana Łukasińska and created for Krytyka Polityczna. In 2002, he produced his first music video (Uważaj for the band Cool Kids of Death) in collaboration with Adam Badowski. In the following years, he made music videos for T.Love, Jamal, Smolik, Kortez, and others. He worked with Breakthru Films (as animator and concept artist) and CD Projekt Red (as animator on Witcher 2 and as soundtrack supervisor on Cyberpunk 2077). In addition, he designed the current logo of the latter company, as well as murals for the facades of its Warsaw and Los Angeles offices. He created animations for MTV, TV Kultura, and for Przemysław Wojcieszek’s movies. Between 2002 and 2013, he was the songwriter and frontman of the band Cool Kinds of Death. He works as a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and as a guest speaker at the University of Warsaw. In 2018, he finished a Ph.D. in Animation at Łódź Film School. In 2021, he completed the work on his auteur series It’s Hard to Be a Supervillain.