still from "Low Voltage Dynamo"

Low Voltage Dynamo + you.Guru - found footage film with live music

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8.30 PM
free of charge - free tickets available at MCK’s box office and at Rother’s Mills
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  • “Młyn” room, second floor

"Low Voltage Dynamo" is a study of repetitive mechanical motion and its interaction with continuous motion, natural human movements and still images. The presentative images from 30’s to 70’s American and Ukrainian found footage material are collided with abstraction in order to create a new visual language. Setting ourselves to mental “low voltage” mode we can see what is lost in the rush, hides somewhere between the gaps and fades into the background. We are interested in the world between images, without codes and without predestinated directions. When observed closely, the universe reveals itself in its accidents and imperfections.

"Low Voltage Dynamo" is a digitally recorded, originally analogical multi-projection performance using film, slide and overhead projection techniques.

"Low Voltage Dynamo" was created by Natalia Kozieł-Kalliomäki and Petteri Kalliomäki

Natalia Kozieł-Kalliomäki (FI/PL) is a visual artist based in Finland, with a practice originating in the worlds of painting and printmaking. Often changing in artistic scale, Kozieł-Kalliomäki works with large paintings, stamp-sized graphics, space projections and live cinema performances. Located at the intersection of print art, theatre and film, her projects use vintage projection technology as optical brushes and beams of light as their paint.

Petteri Kalliomäki (FI) is a film archivist and curator based in Finland. After the digitalization of mainstream cinemas in 2012, he has concentrated solely on presenting and preserving films in analogue format. He is an archivist responsible for the foreign film collection of the Finnish National Audiovisual Institute and one of the programme planners of the institute’s cinema. Kalliomäki does live cinema performances with his wife, visual artist Natalia Kozieł-Kalliomäki.

The music for the film will be performed by you.Guru

Artur Maćkowiak - guitar, electronics
Michał Lutrzykowski - bass
Piotr Waliszewski - drums

you.Guru was created out of the desire to experiment with the musical form together. A sonic reflex, a reaction to wicked times. Music balancing on an unpredictable ground, to the rhythm of trance loops and psychedelic melodies.

The baggage of musical experiences is not without significance (Innercity Ensemble, B.O.K, Something Like Elvis, Tissura Ani, Potty Umbrella, Upside Down). The interpenetration of different aesthetics and inspirations is the key to you.Guru’s music.

In September 2020, the band released their debut album entitled "Young Adult Fiction", released by Antena Krzyku.