still from "Nightmares", m. Bikini Beach, Lotti Peach

Music Video Competition

For adults
Short films
Competition screenings
08.00 PM


Kill Everyone, m. GOGA MASON, Ambrus Nagy, Gergely Nagy, Péter Futó, Hungary, 2022, 2’38’’

A frame from an animated music video. Profile of a black figure drawn with a felt-tip pen on a yellow background. The figure holds a knife behind his back.

The adventures of a killer.

Geshem Bejuni, m. Soul Supreme, Tal Uliel, Israel, 2023, 3’03’

A frame from an animated music video. A blue and red shape resembling characters sitting on a tram or bus. There are buildings outside the vehicle windows.

"Geshem Bejuni" is a collaborative music video composed by Amsterdam-based musician Noam Ofir, known as Soul Supreme. The project seamlessly fuses risograph printing aesthetics with experimental 3d digital techniques, resulting in a vibrant, textured visual style that synchronizes with the music to convey a powerful message of connection, inviting viewers on an abstract journey.

Internet Gaga, m. Reinhold Bidner, Reinhold Bidner, Austria, 2023, 2’17’’

A frame from an animated music video. A man in a black T-shirt and ski glasses stands in the background of the painting and points his finger ahead. The painting includes three cats wearing the same glasses, mobile phones, milk bottles and dishes with apples.

Once upon a time (not so long ago), we humans believed that we would create a free and democratic place of endless knowledge through the internet. Just a few downloads, swipes and dislikes later, we now know that we have failed massively. 4Real!

Miramis, m. Oskar Schuster, Angie Siveria, Oskar Schuster, Germany, 2022, 2’27’’

A frame from an animated music video. A woman in a ballerina pose, wearing a white dress, with black hair tied in a bun. Large butterfly wings are attached to the woman's outstretched arms.

Probably many people had a cookie iron jar in their childhood that contained the most secret treasures: old family photos, figurines, stickers, video tapes and secret memories. How many boxes does it take to keep all your memorabilia? Is it possible to save a loved one from the war in such box and take them to a safe place? Angie Siveria's poem is a reflection on the ongoing war in Ukraine, her childhood in Donetsk, which is now temporarily occupied. 

I always wanted to be a dog. Even a hideous one, m. Andrzej Konieczny, Wojciech Siejak, Poland, 2022, 4’28’’

A frame from an animated music video. An animal resembling a poodle, with a pink collar. Gradient background in shades of yellow and blue.

A short animated film dealing with the subject of ongoing rivalry between reason and senses. Nonlinear narrative structure moves between the worlds of metaphor, memories and exaggerated reality. Inhabitants of each dimension face challenges they are not prepared for. What can you do when rationality becomes unbearable?

Nightmares, m. Bikini Beach, Lotti Peach, Germany, 2023, 3’43’’

A frame from an animated music video. The face of a man with brown hair and white eyes. There is a small hole on the forehead from which blood is flowing.

Music video for my own band (bikini beach). It's about nightmares in my head.

665, m. xDZVONx, Matías Edgardo Negro, Argentina, 2023, 3’32’’

A frame from an animated music video. A girl with flowers in her hair and a pink, patterned dress leans forward. In the background, the planet Saturn and a collection of brown oak leaves.

A young woman finds herself trapped in a twisted world ruled by a tyrannical Sun God. The God has kidnapped her and her friends to satisfy his apocalyptic perversions, leaving the protagonist completely alone. During the night, the young woman receives unexpected help, which becomes her last hope for escaping alive.

Rekonstrukt, m. Gábor Ulrich, Gábor Ulrich, Hungary, 2023, 4’04’

A frame from an animated music video. A collection of colorful geometric figures arranged in various shapes.

In 1923, Andor Weininger, a Hungarian-born artist, musician and leader of the Weimar Bauhaus group, put down on paper the first animated film script for a Hungarian animated film, but the abstract, all-artistic work would not be realised until exactly one hundred years later.

Gagnant, m. Bizar, Capucine Gougelet, Capucine Muller, France, 2023, 3’04’’

A frame from an animated music video. Subway station. A man with a suitcase sitting on a donat-like chair. Advertising billboards in the background.

A young and over-ambitious manager of a call center makes life hard for his employees. Self-confident and deeply convinced that he has a bright future ahead of him, the harshness of his daily life catches up with him as soon as he leaves work...

Devil Oh Devil, m. The Holy Gasp, Txesco Montalt, Canada, 2023, 4’22’’

A frame from an animated music video. A black figure in a veil and with a bouquet of flowers surrounded by thorny branches on a red background.

Sorrowful and suffering, a young woman accepts the Devil's hand in marriage, and is taken to Hell to be wed. Seeing that she has disappeared, her brother travels beneath the Earth to stop the wedding, defeat the Devil, and bring his sister home.

Stare, m. Impérieux, Nikola Radulovikj, Bulgaria, 2023, 3’59’’ 

A frame from an animated music video. A creature with a large, bright head stands in front of a wall. There are four pieces of equipment connected to each other by cables hanging on the wall. An armchair and chairs in front of the wall.

Music video for the track Stare by Impérieux. Collaboration project between Nikola Radulovikj ( and Sofia Records.

Illusion, m. Hilguem, Jin Woo, Republic of Korea, 2023, 5’32’’

A frame from an animated music video. A black and white figure kneeling against a mountain of blurred human bodies. On both sides there are two clusters of red human bodies.

" it real or just a monster that I created in my own mind?"

In front of me, m. Sol Invisible, Yuliana Brutti, Brazil 2022, 5’24’’

A frame from an animated music video. Two naked figures made of wool stand facing each other. They are in a bedroom with a large window and a bed.

Three times in the same place. Two people who inhabit and share a love in the same space over time. A love that transforms.

Onti, m. Ab Re, Miloš Tomić, Serbia, 2023, 5’09’’

A frame from an animated music video. Unrolled roll of paper on a white background. There are red objects around it, including a comb, a fork, a fragment of a balloon, a feather and a starfish.

Onti is an imaginary character. He's a paraphrase of our subconscious. It is both a nightmare and an inseparable part of our being. This short musical video personifies the randomness of feelings, thoughts, events and perceptions related to it. There is no linear action. Almost every frame in the film is a fusion of two or even three layers of separately made animations. Enjoy and understand it as you feel it!

Kocyk, m. Łona x Konieczny x Krupa, Poland, 2023, 3’41’’

A frame from an animated music video. The back of a gray car illuminated by sunlight. There is a shadowy figure on the right side of the car.

"KOCYK" is the third single from the trio Łona x Konieczny x Krupa, promoting the album "TAXI". This time, the creators contemplate essential questions: How to discover the source of style? Where does power originate? What is the most important thing in a taxi driver's job? Resolving these pressing issues brings to life their latest release, "KOCYK” (BLANKET in polish).

Going Potato, m. Nona Problemo, Jonas Lucien Callebert, Belgium, 2022, 5’04’’

A frame from an animated music video. A pot of boiling water on an induction cooker. Inside the pot are two potatoes with eyes, noses, mouths and hands attached.

An adorable pet finds himself bored in a pink kidsroom. He embarks on an escape outside of his cage. Suddenly, out of the doorway comes a strange, disturbing Patato man from another world, with another story to tell: a musical world of ecological catastrophes and submarine science fiction. This presented distraction eventually kind of helps with the big escape, but in a much more spectacular, violent and also unnecessary way.

Horsetail, m. Resina, Mateusz Jarmulski, Poland, 2022, 4’34’’

A frame from an animated music video. Red profile of a woman figure in motion between red flames on a black background.

The sounds of women’s rights protests happening all around Poland turned into a dark revenge tale inspired by the slavic folk culture, a collaboration between director Mateusz Jarmulski and musician Resina.

Oblivion, m. Mervyn, Imhoff Igor, Germany, 2023, 3’35’’ 

A frame from an animated music video. A group of six figures in black clothes in a seated position, looking ahead. Their faces resemble white masks with empty eye sockets.

A frenetic zapping animated and reworked through various techniques, including machine learning, reveals the monsters and darkness of the world in X-rays.

Beautiful Figures, m. Magda Drozd, Soetkin Verstegen, Belgium, 2022, 4’ 

A frame from an animated music video. Black sketches of figures in various positions, including standing and swimming, on a white background.

Thoughts ripple over the pages of a personal notebook, kept during a stay at different science labs in Zürich. They float from one to another, like a mind map of unfinished ideas on memory, medical imaging, cells, and aging.

Horizonte de sucesos, m. Tiburona, Pablo Ballarín, Spain, 2’50’’

A frame from an animated music video. Skeleton hands holding three colored cards from a deck of cards. The cards feature figures of women with various musical instruments.

Music video for Tiburona.

Rice & Chicken, m. Blitzed, Kamil Wójcik, Cat Kaczmarek, Poland, 2023, 1’35’’

A frame from an animated music video. The figure of a man in black clothes and a flat cap holds a microphone in his hand. He has tattoos on his left hand, and there is a large group of fans in front of him.

Get out of breath on the stairs again? Fed up with your slim figure? Puke when you look in the mirror? Don't have time for the gym? Excellent! Turbo Chicken was created especially for you! filled with proteins, testosterone, lead, hatred and lust for murder, it tastes like a Silesian roulade! eat and grow! The rest of the leaflet is illegible.

Ven A Mi, m. Ours Samplus, Ugo Vittu, France, 2023, 3’45’’

A frame from an animated music video. A bent human body with a gold and stone-decorated Buddha mask instead of a face. In the background, an eruption of lava from a volcano.

Dreamlike journey through the world and cultures to discover phantasmagorical landscapes carried by an electronic and psychedelic music.