Music Videos Competition

Competition screenings
For adults
Short films
9 PM


I Am Machine, m. Finkel, Robbie Shilstone, USA, 2021, 3’39’’

When struggling with their sense of identify, Red abandons their definition in search of finding a truer sense of self. What starts as freeing and limitless turns unclear and erratic. Reality twists away until they are left alone in complete abstraction. It is here where definition helps lift and guide Red to find a new sense of self.

Give Me Rice, m. Mili, Jin Woo, Republic of Korea, 2022, 3’07’’

This is the music video for the song GIVE ME RICE by Mili.

Bullshit Asymmetry Principle, m. Ran, Ugo Vittu, France, 2022, 1’10’’

A peaceful society of bears is attacked by the scum of the insect capitalist machine. The lonely bears will have to join forces to defeat the queen bee.

Hungry Ghost, m. Kaitlin McSweeney, Guido Devadder, Belgium, 2022, 6’52’’

The feelings of both loss and desire are among the first and strongest emotions we experience as human beings. Desire is what keeps us alive, propagates us, but also destroys us. 'Hungry Ghost' is a poetic journey into the hazy netherworld of human craving, visualised through looping zoetrope animations.

Object of Life, m. Fanfare Ciocărlia, Jack Parry, Australia, 2022, 3’

Don't let the OBJECTS of your life become… the OBJECT of your life!
The Object of Life is a playful story about the perils of accumulating objects. Do we possess them - or do they possess us? Its an uphill battle… but where is all going?

Gonna Lose, m. Built To Spill, Jordan Minkoff, Lee McClure, Canada, 2022, 2’42’’

Imagined worlds fall into a vortex.

Water Lullaby, m. Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa, Piotr Kaźmierczak, Poland, 2022, 3’39’’

Stop motion, animated with sand, official video clip to "Water Lullaby" song from the "Waterduction" album by a famous Polish folk music band "Warsaw Village Band". The production of the film took 6 months.

Estem estalvis, m. Picot, Daniel Pitarch, Spain, 2022, 2’04’’

Music video for the song "Estem estalvis" by the catalan band Picot, based on a poem by Walt Whitman. A bodily celebration of Whitman's words: "Now we have met, we have look'd, we are safe. Return in peace".

500gr, m. ECHT!, Simon Breeveld, Belgium, 2021, 3’37’’

A kind of guided tour of the Belgian capital in a totally psychedelic mode, the video of "500Gr." serves the interests of a famous instrumental trip.

Observatory, m. Sofie Birch, Wiesława Ruta, Poland, 2022, 6’10’’

Experimental abstract music video with the music of Danish musician Sofie Birch. The film was created through the use of stop motion animation, film, computer animation and post-production. It is a game between abstraction and figurativeness, which aims to be the best accompany to the music using the cinematic means of expression.

Be Gone, m. KNIVESRAIN, Sijia Luo, China, 2022, 3’56’’

Music animation for the song "Be Gone” by electronicore band KNIVESRAIN. By exploring the possibilities of combining AI-generated content with hand-drawn 2D animation, it tells a story of a mobile phone that experiences the plight of modern people in a serendipitous epiphany, learning what it means to be human between life and death.

El Huracán, m. J Dose, César Valladares Pere, Spain, 2022, 4’07’’

After a traffic accident, a man seeks help. Enter a roadside club where demons, spirits and a sinister witch are attending a Caribbean music concert. A story of death and resurrection.

Day In My Dream, m. TzChien, Pei-Hsin Cho, Taiwan, 2022, 3’35’’

The film is about domestic abuse and focuses on the anxiety of worrying about when the bad will happen again, and the only small comfort is one's imagination, where one can be free, and be anywhere…

Mamour, m. Odezenne, Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA, France, 2021, 3’54’’

In a cottage lost in the mountains, a strange couple: an old lady and an android. While the world collapses around them, the android tells their story.

Cool Party, m. Cocaine Piss, Simon Medard, Belgium, 2022, 2’25’’

A crazy video on a green background, directed by Simon Medard for the made in Liège band Cocaine Piss…

Zen for TV, m. Pin Park, Aga Jarząb, Maciek Bączyk, Poland 2022, 5’46’’

Ambient piece ZEN for TV is a nostalgic reminiscence of the times when a TV broadcast could end for the day before our eyes. TV used to finish the transmission a few minutes after midnight. Then the screen turned black and white, filled with noise. With a little bit of imagination, in that noise one could see stone zen gardens, patiently raked by a silent monk. Gazing at the end of the TV programme was some sort of electronic meditation of the late 80s. The animated music video helps to grasp the concept of it.

Lame, m. PowerSnap, Meital Ner, Israel, 2022, 3’27’’

This comments on the current social climate where we, women, are rewriting the existing narrative.

Fuites Cathodiques, m. Lent, Charlie Mars, France, 2022, 2’30’’

Phèdre and Katrina, in the publicity of their active life, meet Donatien and Daniela at the veranda door.

A Shaman's Tale, m. Jules Guérin, Jules Guérin, France, 2022, 2’45’’

A mystical journey of a powerful shaman from the deep jungle to the cosmos, based upon a very ancient Peruvian legend.

Nadasé, m. Fuzzy Bumble, Łukasz Rusinek, Poland, 2021, 3’51’’

Historia szczupłego chłopca który szukając ognia odnalazł miłość.

Los colores del niño dios, m. Las monjas en celo, Santiago Pérez Rodríguez, Colombia, 2021, 2’

A punk journey through the Excel spreadsheets of baby Jesus, the one in charge of bringing the Christmas gifts in Colombia. December is a frenetic feast consecrated to the hyper stimulation of the senses.

Transparent Black and Iron Rich Red, m. Nishina, Mario Kreill Cirillo, Isabel Emily Wiegand, Italy, 2022, 3’50’’

In a fantasy world where human beings have glowing hearts whose intensity is tuned to the emotions they feel, a young woman is lonely and bored in her room made of clouds. Suddenly she discovers she can create objects out from nothing: a doll, a flower, a guitar, but soon even the objects do not relieve her solitude. 

In Harmony, m. Markus Svendsen Øvre, Markus Svendsen Øvre, United Kingdom, 2021, 4’19’’

In a world where the only form of communication is with musical instruments, or creating sounds with their body, it is difficult to make connections. Following through a luscious green and mossy landscape, a small man attempts to play his rhythmic tunes in order to create a loving bond with someone special.