Nayola, dir. José Miguel Ribeiro

For adults
Full-lenght films

Angola. The story of three generations of women during the 25-year civil war: grandmother Lelena, her daughter Nayola and her granddaughter Yara. The past and the present intertwine. Nayola is looking for her husband, lost during the war. Several decades later, the country has finally calmed down, but Nayola is still away. Yara has grown into a rebellious teenager and subversive rapper. Lelena tries to stop her, worried the police would arrest the girl. One night, a masked intruder armed with a machete breaks into their house. It is a meeting they couldn’t even imagine.  


- Best Animated Feature, Guadalajara International Film Festival 2022, Mexico;
- Audience Award and New Directors Competition Nominee, São Paulo
- International Film Festival 2022, Brasil,
- Best Feature Film, Manchester Animation Fest 2022, Great Britain.


- Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2022, France;
- International Film Festival Silk Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, 2022, China;
- War on Screen International Film Festival, Châlons-en-Champagne, 2022, France;
- KUGOMA Mozambique Short Film Forum, 2022;
- Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Baden, 2022, Switzerland;
- Taichung International Animation Festival, 2022, Taiwan;
- International Film Festival in Hamburg, 2022, Germany;
- International Film Festival in Vancouver, 2022, Canada;
- BFI Londyn, 2022, Great Britain;
- International Animation Film Festival Animest, Bucharest 2022, Romania;
- International Film Festival in Haifa, 2022, Israel;
- AfryKamera Festival, Warsaw, 2022, Poland;
- Animated Film Festival, Bucheon, 2022, South Korea;
- Seville European Film Festival, 2022, Spain;
- International Film Festival in Marrakesh, 2022, Maroco;
- Cinemania Festival, Montreal, Quebec, 2022, Canada;
- International Film Festival, Anilogue, Budapest, 2022, Hungary;
- International Film Festival in Singapore, 2022, Singapur

José Miguel Ribeiro

José Miguel Ribeiro was born in Amador, Portugal in 1966. He graduated in visual arts at the Fine Arts Academy in Lisbon. He also studied drawing and puppet animation at Lazzenec-Bretagne in Rennes and Filmógrafo in Porto. He directed "A Suspeita", winning Cartoon D'Or 2000, and other 25 films awarded international prizes. In 2004, he created "Home Things" - an animated series of 26 episodes on household items, such as a toothbrush, a mop, glasses or a vacuum cleaner. This production was awarded a few international prizes. In 2007, in cooperation with Nuno Beato and Eva Yébenes, he founded a production company, Sardinha em Lata. 



2016 -  Estilhaços (short, animation) 

2015 – Paso a Paso (short, animation) 

2014 – 20 Desenhos E Um Abraço (short, animation) 

2014 – Papel de Natal (short, animation) 

2011 -  Dodu: O Rapaz de Cartão (short, animation) 

2010 – Viagem a Cabo Verde (short, animation) 

2009 – Passeio de Domingo (short, animation)  

2005 – Abraço do Vento (short, animation) 

2003 – As Coisas Lá de Casa (animated television series) 

2000 – A Suspeita (short, animation) 

1994 – Oefus (short, animation)