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Short films
Competition screenings
7.30 PM


Competition films screening; film with the number of votes by the audience enters the International Competition.

A Film About A Pudding, dir. Roel Van Beek, UK, 2021, 9'24"

After Ronin neglects to clear up her dropped groceries, they start to mix and bubble, transforming into a small pudding. Whilst this initially seems odd, for Ronin, it is easily ignorable. Over the next few days, the pudding grows bigger and bigger. As it threatens to engulf the entire city, how far will she, and the other inhabitants of her city, go to continue ignoring it?

Bear Hug, dir. Margrethe Danielsen, France, 2021, 10'33"

An eager little bear is waiting for his birthday guests to arrive. Slowly he realizes that he has been rejected. But the determination to celebrate his birthday is still strong, and, free as a bird, his hunt for company begins.

The Benefactors, dir. Christophe Lopez-Huici, Switzeland, 2021, 8'49"

A young man, owner of a cycle-rickshaw, seems to be looking for a patron in aseaside resort during the off-season. Desperate, weary and hungry, he suddenly sees the salvation he has been waiting for in a group of eccentric revelers. But when the group’s demands become increasingly inconvenient, the young man realizes the true cost of his dedication.

Woman Child Husband, dir. Kushal Kishore, 2021, 3'32"

Woman lives alone with her dim-witted son, Child. One day during dinner, Child suffers a traumatic experience.

An Evening With Father, dir. Zachary Margolis, USA, 2021, 6'30"

In the bathroom, magic can happen.

The Smile, dir. Erik van Schaaik, Netherlands, 2022, 16'

When a world-famous film star is accused of eating hisfemale co-stars, his career goes down the drain. That wipes the smile off hisface!

Goat's Spell, dir. Gerhard Funk, Germany, 2022, 9'

A child and their day. A conquest before breakfast, a clueless goat outside the house, a couple of promising aeroplanes up high in the sky. Then everything starts falling to pieces. The goat seems to be the link, if anything is linked at all.