Post-production and VFX in "The Witcher" season 1st and 2nd. Meeting with Mateusz Tokarz

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Post-production and VFX in "The Witcher" season 1st and 2nd. Coordination of production and creative team management

Animocje Festival and Platige Image company invite you to a meeting with Mateusz Tokarz, Lead VFX Supervisor at Platige Image, who will talk about post-production and creating visual effects for the Netflix series "The Witcher" (seasons 1st and 2nd).

Mateusz Tokarz

art become his passion at a high school but meanwhile he was looking for a 'real' profession and that's how he started programming. 

At the end of the University he decided to develop his artistic skills, resigned his first job in game industry and went to Academy of Fine Arts. After a short period of time he was hired by the biggest polish film studio - Alvernia Studios.

As he said: “I had a great luck to work in the companies from their very beginning and thanks to that I had an opportunity to learn almost every aspect of project management, film and game production.”

Right now I has over ten years of experience in film and commercials postproduction, game production and graphics management.

He has been working for Platige Image for 7 years.

The meeting will be held online, only in Polish. Details will be available soon in the event on FB. Participation in the meeting requires prior registration. Registration will be closed at 19.50.

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