Premiere of a music video for a song coming from the new album by Bisz

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6.30 PM


Bisz is working on his new album right now. It’s going to premiere this year. It’s worth mentioning that 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the “Pavement Wolf”. Is the rapper going to refer to the record that’s been claimed the album of the decade? You’ll be able to check it out during the pre-release screening of his newest musical video during Animocje.

The video clip promoting the new album was created by Mateusz Lengling - a painter and graphic designer from Bydgoszcz.

Bisz is a juror of this year's short film competition, and you will be able to ask him about the details of the creation of the new album during the premiere of the music video.

Mateusz Lengling

 Student of the Academy Of Arts in Gdańsk in the painting department under prof. Piotr Józefowicz and prof. Marcin Zawidzki. He mainly undertakes graphic design, painting and 3D projects. He designs album covers, posters, book illustrations and visual identifications.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2021 - Group exhibition “Best Album Covers 2020” - Galeria Wolno  / Katowice
  • 2021 - Group exhibition “Best Musical Album Covers Exhibition” - Stary Browar / Poznań
  • 2021 - Painting exhibition “Enemy Territory” - GTPS - Galeria “PUNKT”
  • 2021 - Group exhibition “How Many Painting Are You Gonna Pack Into An Elevator” - Pracownia 329 - GAK Winda
  • 2017 - Poster exhibition” - “Polon” Album premiere - Mała Warszawa

Selected Mentions

  • 2021 - Album Cover Of The Year/(Przyłu - Homeless Boy) -
  • 2020 - TOP 30 (27) Album Covers of the Year(Przyłu - Homeless Boy) - Design Decibels - CoverAwarts
  • 2020 - TOP TRENDS List in WSGN (Worth Global Style Network) 
  • 2020 - Grafik Radar Display - (trillpem - So Dope Album Cover)
  • 2019 - TOP 50 Album Covers of the Year (Honorata Skarbek - Codependency) - Design Decibels - Cover Awarts
  • 2017 - TOP 50 Album Covers of the Year (TEKEN - Take Apart) - Design Decibels - Cover Awarts
  • 2017 - Behance Feature - Various Illustrations 2017