Presenting the Award for Special Achievements in the Field of Dubbing to Miriam Aleksandrowicz and Conversation with the Artist

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If we hear that something is dubbed, it means that we have done the job wrong - says Miriam Aleksandrowicz, responsible for over a hundred Polish language versions of hit films and series. At this year's Animocje festival, she will receive the Award for Special Achievements in the Field of Dubbing.

Animocje festival award for Miriam Aleksandrowicz

She has been a dubbing actress since the age of five. Zofia Dybowska-Aleksandrowicz - mother of Polish dubbing, and privately mother - drew her to the adventure with film.

I played often, because it was easier for a director to shout at his own child than someone else's. - I have great satisfaction that I worked alongside such celebrities as Jan Kreczmar, Andrzej Seweryn, Marian Kociniak and Mariusz Dmochowski.

Although she escaped from dubbing to the theater, it was as a director that she returned to it after the death of her mother. Aleksandrowicz's dubbing debut was the film "Bingo" telling the story of a friendship between a boy and a circus dog. For Disney, she made "Winnie the Pooh", "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers", "Walt Disney Bernard and Bianca in the Kangaroo Land", "The Aristocats". She is also credited for television parts of "The Muppets", a series of adventures about Asterix and Obelix, "E.T", the series "Friends".

Among the big films, it is primarily "Babe - Pig in the City", a film version of "Casper", for which I had the pleasure to receive thanks for the best dubbing in the world - recalls Aleksandrowicz. - You know how the world is. There, dubbing is considered the best form of translating a film from one linguistic level to another without destroying the entire soundtrack, the so-called international tone, without destroying the music and image and without suppressing the effects.

She has also directed animated series, e.g. “Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends”, where she played Mrs. Foster, Kurds, in which she became famous as Grandma, and “Courage - The Cowardly Dog” - her Muriel Bagge even got her own fan club.

She plays specific roles herself: monsters, old ladies, and laughs that she already specializes in parrots. Unforgettable roles for her include those she played in the series "Beetlejuice" (she was the director of its dubbing): a ricochet bullet and a tearing patch on the pants.

I am proud that I was invited by the late Maria Piotrowska to "The Lion King" to play the hyena Shenzi, who was originally played by Whoopie Goldberg, my favorite actress - she recalls in interviews. - And then it was like that that I became a Polish Whoopie Goldberg and if this actress performs somewhere, they want the Polish version too, they try to invite me. I enjoy every moment of inviting me to the hall as an actress.

Miriam Aleksandrowicz's achievements include over a hundred dubbing roles and as many films she dubbed. But it is not everything. Fans of computer games appreciate her work on dubbing such titles as "Diablo II", "Heroes", "Leisure Suit Larry" or "Captain Claw".

- Dubbing is not a duplication of the original and is not a 100% transfer of the film. Dubbing is adapting a given material to a given reality. The best dubbing is the one you can't hear. The best dubbing is when someone doesn't know if it was dubbed or not. If we can do that, it means we did a good job.

The meeting will hosted by Jarosław Jarry Jaworski