Product Displacement - opening of an exhibition of works Wiktor Stribog


Product Displacement - opening of an exhibition of works Wiktor Stribog

Objects without purpose, ads without product, campaigns with no message. Pure advertisine, made from dreams, ambitions and promises of modern, stylish living as a byproduct of capitalistic process. Our worldview is molded from early childhood by these bold and attention grabbing visual media. In the world where bots already generate nonsensical content for other bots to consume - will they be the authors of our children's dreams?

(disclaimer: all works presented at the exhibition were produced by a human)

Wiktor Stribog

An independent multimedia artist and animator, as well as a music and music video producer, illustrator and, more recently, painter. In his works, he often reaches for themes and methods of mystification, replicating the archaic language and style of the pop culture productions of the past – all with the goal of sparking instinctive responses in the viewer and creating an alternative world haunted by the ghosts of the unfulfilled promises of history. Stribog's works oscillate between a simple joke and frenetic hallucinations that reflect the inner conflict between childish naivete and cynical dismay at how things really are. The artist's Internet project Mushroom Land TV has received popular acclaim globally and has been translated into 18 languages. It's now considered a precursor to the genre of Analog Horror. During the pandemic, he created the Gęgaloma series to document the prevalent social anxiety of the time in the form of surrealist illustrations and animations. He regularly releases music that falls under the electronic genre known as Hauntology.