PubQuiz - Animocje

Special events
For adults
07.00 PM


Would you like to feel like you're in a real game show, just without the pressure of cameras? Or perhaps you're looking for an unusual activity for you and your friends, during which you have plenty of topics to talk about?

Whether you're seeking entertainment, knowledge, trivia, or simply a great atmosphere, come to Klubokawiarnia ZAKŁAD? on April 6, 2024, at 7:00 PM and discover PubQuiz – the most popular quiz game in Poland, tested by over 1 000 000 players!

Gather your team, answer questions, and win prizes, including invitations to the 13th edition of the International Animocje Festival. PubQuiz is an hour of entertainment, fun, and competition all in one!

This time, PubQuiz will be a preview of the Animocje festival and will be entirely dedicated to themes related to animated movies.


Reserve a table at the venue and play with us! Attention! Limited seating available.

Write to us:

𝐏𝐮𝐛𝐐𝐮𝐢𝐳 – information at a glance.

Every game comes with 3 prizes! Chances aren’t just in favor of the best teams, but also those on whom luck smiles upon during a special question.

It resembles well-known game shows, but we guarantee that everyone will have a great time with us – thanks to the great variety of questions!

Our game is a mix of knowledge and entertainment questions. There are regular categories such as music, movies, or one with slides. There will also be questions read by the host.
You write down all answers with your team on special cards.

PubQuiz is perfect as an addition to a night out with friends. Teams can have any number of players, and you can also play alone. We guarantee that you'll be accompanied by a lot of positive emotions during your outing!

𝐏𝐮𝐛𝐐𝐮𝐢𝐳 – step by step

1. Arrive at the venue early to pick up your reservation and register your team with the host. Attention! You can play alone or in groups of a few people (up to 5 people). Order something good at the bar and get ready for a great time!

2. Round 1 of our team quiz begins. There are different categories, each with questions. You provide answers on answer sheets, and after the round ends, you exchange them with opponents. The host reads the answers, and you check how your opponents did (correct answers = +1 point).

3. After round, the results are shown, and there's a break during which you can order something else or discuss the questions with your friends.

4. Round 2 is similar to the previous one – just with different categories.

5. Another break, along with a chance to catch up on missed notifications on your phone (no phone use during the quiz).

6. Round 3 features more categories with questions, but at the end, we play a tiebreaker, which is a bonus question. The answer is always a number, and your task is to guess it. This question is also important for players outside the podium. Give a better answer than the other competitors and win the tiebreaker prize!

7. After the game ends, we officially announce the results and distribute prizes to the winners.

See you at PubQuiz and at the Animocje festival!