Scriptwriting - creating an original story about difficult topics. Masterclass with Alexandre Siqueira

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11 AM
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Scriptwriting - creating an original story about difficult topics

During 5 years I worked on the writing and development of my animated short film Purpleboy. A lot of people told me that I took too long in this process. Over the years, I became convinced that it took the necessary time, as my intention was to explore a language that distanced itself from conventional writing. And furthermore, to dive deeply into a theme that was completely unknown to me.

Both Purpleboy and Terminal (a short animated film I'm currently developing) had the same starting point; an illustration - a visual concept that inspired me to create a work based on a certain topic. By this I mean that in neither of these two films the theme was the starting point. In the case of Purpleboy, for example, the topic of gender identity came up almost two years after writing the project began.

One of my main motivations as a director is to address emerging (and urgent) issues, both from a social and political point of view. However, it is important to highlight three aspects that I consider essencial in narrative construction: keeping some distance from the personal aspects, focusing on the concept / idea (use of analogies, metaphors and symbologies) and defending a militant and open vision towards society.

The masterclass will be held in English.
Registration: weronika.placzek (a)

Alexandre Siqueira

His passion for the illusion of movement began when he was 6 years old. Alexandre was leafing through a scientific book he had found on his father's desk when a sequence of images depicting a boxing fight caught his eye. He even built several playful toys at that time, including a projector made from a shoebox, in which images were drawn on an X-ray sheet.

In 2000, he co-directed the animated short film “Cold Soup”, produced as part of the volume animation film course at CITEN / Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon. In the same year, he starts working at Filmógrafo, where he collaborates on several animation projects for the Porto studio.

In 2008, Alexandre goes to La Poudrière school, in France, to specialize in directing animated films. In this school, he creates “Journey to the Field of Sunflowers”. Since then, Alexandre has been developing and collaborating on short and feature film projects, animation series and music videos, and some commissioned works for illustration as well. «Purpleboy» is his latest animated short film.

Actually, Alexandre is developing a new short film and teaching animation in an Arts school, in Porto.