Spit into Burning Eye - curated screening Daniel Šuljić

For adults
Short films

When I was approached by the Festival Animocje to do a program of daring films, I immediately liked the idea. When it was also mentioned that there are other invited curators and we all can interpret the term „daring“ to our liking, I became enthusiastic even more. It is a great pleasure that we all had different approaches to the task and in the end, very little overlapping of single films!

For me, daring means punky, edgy, rough, provoking, primitive, deliberately „bad“. Hence, I admit, the somewhat graphic title of the program. The films selected are both visually and story-wise brutal, raw, art brute inspired, raunchy, violent. Not suitable for Sunday coffee and cake afternoon chit-chat.

Back in the days, in the punk scene, a practice developed – if you were fond of the band on stage you would spit on them, and they would spit back. So… lean in your cinema chair, enjoy, and behave. Don't spit on the curator 😉!

Daniel Šuljić

Blue Dream, dir. Malte Stein, Germany, 2013, 10’23”

Don Quixote, dir. Vlado Kristl, Jugoslavia (Croatia), 1961, 10’43”

Cowboys, Episode 4: High Noon, dir. Phil Mulloy, UK, 1991, 3’13”

Rabbitland, dir. Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr, Serbia, 2013, 7’29”

The Comic that Frenches your Mind, dir. Bruce Bickford, USA, 2008, 5’28”

Bomb, dir. Petter Millard, UK, 2014, 1’ 30”

ANAL JUKE anal juice, dir. Sawako Kabuki, Japan, 2013, 3’

Son of Satan, dir. J.J. Villard, USA, 2003, 12’03”

DONT KNOW WHAT, dir. Thomas Renoldner, Austria, 2013, 8’07”

Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day!, dir. Christian Larrave, USA, 2014, 4’

Unicorn Blood, dir. Alberto Vázquez, Spain, 2013, 8’46”

Curator Daniel Šuljić

Daniel Šuljić is an animation film director and a musician. The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna graduate (painting, animation). From 2005 to 2008 he was a lecturer of classical animation at the Institute for Media Design at the University of Art and Design in Linz, and in 2006 he was given the title of honorary professor at Jilin College of the Arts Animation School in Changchun, China. An assistant professor at the Department of Animation and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb and the Croatian ambassador of the European Animation Awards. Also, the artistic director of the World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb.