#StandWithUkraine - short films set

For adults
Short films
7 PM
free of charge - please bring donations for refugees
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Free of charge - please bring donations for refugees, theList of current needs: ‍

  • towels large and small
  • large sheets
  • large bedding
  • pillows
  • blankets
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • trash bags
  • oil
  • buckwheat groats
  • flour

Please note that it is better to bring a packet of one item than many individual items.

In an effort to support those fleeing war, and at the same time to draw attention to the excellent Ukrainian animation directors and filmmakers, we invite you to a screening that brings together just a fraction of their films.
The #StandWithUkraine set includes films created as part of the Linoleum Festival's campaign as well as made by filmmakers living daily (or even currently) in Ukraine and those living and studying in Poland. 
The #StandWithUkraine campaign of the Ukrainian Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival encourages animators from all over the world to create 10-seconds anti-war animations.  
Tt is worth pointing out that not only artists from Ukraine, but from all over the world, including Russia, Poland and the USA, have joined the campaign. 

The movie screening is free, everyone has waived wages from the screening of their films, so please bring items needed for the refugees. The list of current needs can be found at the beginning of the event description.

The following films will be interspersed with films from the Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival #StandWithUkraine campaign.

We Hope You Won't Need To Come Back, Anastazja Naumenko, Poland 2020, 9’48’’

A young girl immigrated. Having to function in a new environment is slowly transforming into a routine, and herself, into a modern Frankenstein’s creation. The new approach and behaviour no longer match the old habits and patrimonial stereotypes. The decision to reunite with family and return the feeling of comfort became a turning point and reveals the process which modern immigrants experience.

My Fat Arse and I, Yelyzaveta Pysmak, Poland 2020, 10’18’’

One morning a girl tries on a pair of new pants, yet they don't quite fit her. More precisely, they are impossible to zip.The girl is bewildered. In the mirror she sees herself like the fattest piglet the world has seen. She decides to go on a strict diet as quickly as possible. No sweets, no sodas, just water with an occasional lemon. The plan goes quite well, draining all of fat away, but with that goes all the joy of life. Even though now extremely thin, the girl doesn't stop. She is now is more of a zombie, coming blindly to the fridge, that haunts her at night. In the moment of the last seduction by the fridge the Angel of United Bitches of Slimbuttlandia comes to her with a royal invitation to visit the Kingdom and to participate in a royal ceremony. What is this ceremony? Are the Skinny Buttangels that lovely and harmless as they try to appear? Which God do they praise? Is there a way back from The United Bitches of Slimbuttlandia if anything goes slightly off track?

Closer by Further Away - Vlad Boyko & Anastasiia Dmytriieva, Poland 2019, 2’20’’

The film was made during a workshop conducted by the Quay brothers, as part of classes at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

The Surrogate, Stas Santimov, Ukraine 2020, 6’03’’

A man destroys the nest of an unknown creepy creature. But it's not the most horrible creature he will meet tonight.

Me? - Anna Pavlenko, Poland 2020, 4’

Thesis, Faculty of Art and New Media, major in Graphics, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

Deep Love / Kohannia, Mykyta Lyskov, Ukraine 2019, 14’

Deep love has finally happened in Ukraine.

Followers, Dina Ibrahimova, Robert Kuźniewski, Ukraine 2019, 3’25’’

Brief plasticine story of blindly following the crowd, inspired by the famous phraseology "black sheep" and "wolf in sheep's clothing". The film was made in cooperation with children during 2-weeks film workshops in Kiev.

Friend - Anastasiia Dmytriieva, Poland 2019, 2’10’’

The film was made during classes at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

Unclarities, Dana Danylova, Poland, Ukraine, Italy 2019, 3’53’’

An autobiographical tale of the director’s time living and studying in a foreign country.

The Lockdown Made Me Face My Problems - Viktoria Kovalenko, Poland 2021, 1’42’’

The film was made during classes at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

Here by herself / Сама собі тут, Anna Dudko, Ukraine 2019, 5’06’’

The story of what a child feels when she gets lost in a big city.