„TAKE A LOOK-Ania”- workshops with Natalia Kozieł

10 PLN | available at the MCK ticket office Registration till 17.04.2023:
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„TAKEA LOOK-Ania” - workshops with Natalia Kozieł


19.04, 12.00-15.00 – for seniors

21.04, 17.00-20.00 – children 12 +

22.04, 10.00-13.00 - children under the age of 6,with guardian (mother, grandmother, older sister)

22.04, 15.00-18.00 - children aged 7-12


Lemara Barge,moored at 2 Spichlerna street

Registration till 17.04.2023:

Tickets: 10 PLN, available at the MCK ticket office

These animated film workshops are based on"non-camera" techniques, where we don’t need any professional camera, chemical process or darkroom to create our moving image. The movie is created directly on 35mm film tape, set in motion by old and forgotten fairytale projectors produced in the 80-ties, named “ANIA”. They are magic lanterns with a simple mechanism, easy to handle for animators of almost any age!  

In order to encourage the participants’interest in the medium of film, our meetings will start with presentations ofshort animated films on 16mm tape and EIKI projector. The selected copies areunique and timeless titles from Poland, Baltic Countries and Scandinavia.

However, themost important things during our meetings are good fun and pure experiment!

We will use someelements of film edition and collage, painting, drawing, cut-out, gluing,sewing, stamping tools, etc. The form and the length of our film tapes willdepend only on their creators. Each animationwill be then displayed with “ANIA” projector. Together we will create ouroriginal “non-camera” spectacle, where the images we prepare will grow to thesize of the white screen and move. Today’s digital world will at least for amoment give place to the original quality of our handmade pictures.

Each of theauthors will be able to take their work home in hand-made packaging, as alittle analogue treasure.

Apart from thesensual visual aspect, the aim of our meetings is also to recall some analogsolutions and interest the participants in the traditional techniques ofanimation. I plan to explain the world that in the early 20th century intriguedsuch artists as Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Henry Chômette and avant-gardecommunity of the 60-ties, Stan Barkhage, Peter Kubelka or Julian Antonisz. Iwould like to try to expand the perception of image and show the diversity ofpast and present cultures. I’d like the participants to experience as muchmagic of analog world as possible.



Natalia Kozieł-Kalliomäki (1987) is a visual artist  working at the crossroads of expandedprintmaking and film. In her work, she often uses optical tools such as slide or film projectors and simple magic lanterns. She creates such works as installations - spatial projections, experimental movies and live cinema performances. Her projects often stand on the border land of print, theater and film, involving different sensory in put. Natalia is inspired by analog technology, light projections, relation between camera and subject, distorted images and mesmerizing structures.

“I’m fascinated by the act of watching the world, as if I was using a huge magnifying glass. This purestaring is something I really enjoy.”

„Low Voltage Dynamo”, a film by Natalia, was presented at the previous edition of ANIMOCJE, with soundtrack created by you.Guru, a band from Bydgoszcz. This year, the artist is coming to our festival with a cycle of workshops, „TAKE A LOOK-Ania”.