still from "Somewhere", dir. Nicolas Menard

“I like it sweet” - curated screening Britt Raes

Short films
For adults
06.30 PM


“I like it sweet” - curated screening Britt Raes

Sweetness comes in many different ways! It can be loud and colourful, it can be soft and intimate, it can be awkward or bitter. This selection of films celebrates this diversity. Sweet films are mostly programmed for children, but adults like sweetness too. Some of the films in this selection might have only been shown in children programs at various festivals, but are a must watch for all ages! Enjoy!

Les mots de la carpe, Lucrece Andreae, France, 2012, 4’

A still from an animated film. A woman and a man are sitting at a table facing each other. A man pulling out the skin in a woman's face. There are 2 refilled glasses on the table.

A round room, round tables and a lot of couples. Every few minutes, the men and their dates for the evening change around – it’s the rule of the game!

Lay Bare, Paul Bush, United Kingdom, 2012, 6’

A still from an animated film. Fragment of the face. Closed mouth, finger to chin.

Over 500 people of different ages and nationalities modelled for this sample of human physiognomy. The surface of the body is exposed in a manner generally reserved for the intimacy of family or lovers. The result is erotic, funny, beautiful and vulnerable.

Hi Stranger, Kirsten Lepore, United States, 2016, 2’42”

A still from an animated film. A bald, flesh-colored reclining figure.

Hi's been a while. Strange little animation by Los Angeles-based animator Kirsten Lepore. Part of The Late Night Work Club’s series of original shorts based around the theme of strangers. 

Somewhere, Nicolas Menard, United Kingdom, 2013, 6’50”

 A still from an animated film. A figure dressed in a white jumpsuit in a crouched position, squeezed into a small space. The figure is surrounded on all sides by various mechanisms, knobs and buttons.

An astronaut blasts off for another world, leaving part of himself – his left arm – back home. After a doomed landing, his mind is conflicted... 

Birdlime, Evan Derushie, Canada, 2017, 10’51”

A still from an animated film. Five colorful birds are sitting on a branch surrounded by green thickets.

Birdlime: a sticky tar which is used to trap wild birds for export or trade. After narrowly escaping being trapped in the exotic bird-trade industry, an unfortunate fowl still ends up caged and corrupted by unfamiliar stimuli.  

Vent de fête, Marjolaine Perreten, Switzerland/France, 2016, 9’50”

A still from an animated film. Three men in blue suits and blue flat caps stand next to each other.

Early in the morning, a great celebration is being prepared in a small Swiss village. The volunteers are bustling about and the first musicians arrive.

Le Vélo de l'éléphant, Olesya Shchukina, France, 2014, 9’04”

A still from an animated film. Cutout animation. A huge gray elephant with a long trunk rides a small red bicycle. In the background there is a blue sky with white clouds.

An elephant lives in a town among people and works as a street cleaner. One day, he sees a big billboard advertising a bicycle. It seems the perfect size for him! This is the minute the elephant's life changes: he has to get this bicycle whatever it costs him.

My favorite animal, Lara Lee, United Kingdom, 2011, 7’10”

A still from an animated film. Drawing of a rectangular face with black corners. Big black eyes partially filled with tears. Four colored strands extend from the lower part of the face.

This animation series is a final year project of my graphic design BA. Different children are heard describing their favorite animal, and the creature is then drawn according to what they say, so that the creature "grows itself". Each frame is drawn individually.

Swarming, Joni Männistö, Finland, 2011, 7’18”

A still from an animated film. The face of a large, gray pigeon with an orange beak. In the background there are crowns of leafy trees.

A child discovers life inside a dead bird and starts to play with it.

Oh My Dog, Chloé Alliez, Belgium, 2013, 6’26”

A still from an animated film. Illuminated stage. On stage, a man with a wand in a black suit steps out of a black top hat. A white, black and brown dog stands next to the man.

Somewhere near the hall of Brétigny-sur-Bizet, in front of a raging crowd, the most outstanding dogs face each other to measure their talents and strengths. Among them is Sweetheart, encouraged by the best and most noisy crowd. Will he triumph in this hard competition?

Island, Max Mörtl & Robert Löbel, Germany, 2017, 2’30”

A still from an animated film. A blue bird looks at a fluffy white cloud. Desert landscape.

On a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.

Curator - Britt Raes

Britt Raes (1986) is a Belgian director, illustrator and scriptwriter. She has made two professional short films, CATHERINE and LUCE AND THE ROCK. Both of them went to over 200 festivals (like SXSW, BIAF, MIFF, Les Arcs,...) and won over 40 prizes each (at IndieLisboa, Berlinale, Anima, Tokyo Anime Award Festival…). She's currently writing a series, a short film and a children's book. She likes (dark) chocolate, hugs, sketching animals at the zoo and NVC language. When travelling, she collects rocks to paint eyes on. She hopes to reincarnate as a cat named Fluffy.