The Newest Polish Films Competition



Fluoksetyna (Fluoextine)

Paweł Czarnecki / Poland 2018 / 4'03''

Experimental music video for "Latające Pięści" done with documents’ scanner.


Agata Mianowska / Poland 2017 / 7'07''

Two young girls are struggling with contemporary beauty canons. Each of them is different yet none of them feels good within their bodies. Norma and her neighbour are attempting to reach self-accpetance as they try various methods out.

Dziwny przypadek (Strange Case)

Zbigniew Czapla / Poland 2017 / 13'30''

Surreal journey in a couple of acts. Chain of events as a stream of conciousness, record of personal thoughts. Aggregated value of random experiences and echo of collective memory. 

Dans les bois (Into the Forest)

Karolina Chabier / France, Poland 2017 / 4'04''

Into the forest nothing is as it seems to be like. Even well-known paths are about to deceive.


Aga Jarząb / Poland 2017 / 3'33''

Improvised animation, in which composition of shapes, colours and textures follow sound.

Ludzik spadł mi z nieba (He fell down from the sky)

Magdalena Pilecka / Poland  2017/ 1'02''

Short story about how ordinary little man came to something very important...

Ucieczka (The Escape)

Jarosław Konopka / Poland 2017 / 15'

Woman and child are surviviors of apocalypse. They are saved by memory, alive accompanied by uncertanity and danger. They exist but they are dead. They meet but they can’t see. They only live in pictures where time is slowly bluring details.

Chwast (Thicket)

Adrianna Matwiejczuk / Poland 2017 / 4'10''

Young girl decides to go to a party full of unknown people in order to confront her shyness.

If you can

Hanna Rybak / Poland 2017 / 1'13''

Based on Winston Chruchill’s quote, this animation focuses on modern every-day life problems.


Łukasz Rusinek / Poland 2017 / 5’45’’

When a landlord of a floating island falls asleep demons wake up. „Demons” meaning blue cube and red marble. Curious creatures are heading out for a walk throughout the island but eveyrwhere they go – they spread chaos and destruction.

O Matko! (Oh Mother!)

Paulina Ziółkowska / Poland 2017 / 12'15''

Mother and son are in constant exchange of their roles: one day the mother is mature and the other day it is son who is fully grown up and takes care of his parent. Everything seems to be perfect until son decides to become independent from his mother. 


Justyna Pazdan / Poland 2017 / 7'43''

Spinal curvature? Poor eyesight? Deconcentration? Welcome to JustiFitness – meditation, relaxation and energy boost! All in one. Take a water bottle, you surely are going to need it!