still from "Unicorn Boy", dir. Matt Kiel

Unicorn Boy, dir. Matt Kiel + meeting with the director person

Full-lenght films
For adults
07.00 PM


After the screening, we invite you to a meeting with the director person

“Unicorn Boy” is a coming-of-age animated feature which explores the complexity of first heartbreak and gender identity. 

The story is about Matty, an unfortunate artist, distraught by a recent breakup, who is magically sucked into a unicorn-run alternate dimension. Now, Matty must work with a new unicorn friend to conquer a dark force, bringing peace to their kingdom and emotional stability to their bleak Silver Lake life. 

This authorial self-portrait is a beautiful reflection of the challenges that come along with growth and self-discovery. 

A still from an animated film. A person with big green eyes and long, pink, wavy hair is holding a mug of coffee. She is wearing a large pink sweatshirt. Blurred parts of the room in the background.


- Florida Film Festival, USA, 

- Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, USA;

- Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ontario, Canada;

- Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, California, USA;


- Arizona International Film Festival - director’s Grand Prize, USA;  

Matt Kiel 

They/ Their  

A photo of a man with a head of brown curls and brown eyes. Dressed in a red and white striped blouse and denim dungarees.

Matt Kiel is an animator, director and actor who most recently served as lead animator on the SyFy Original Series “Hell Den” (Fall 2020), featured on Comedy Central. They have worked with HBO, Mattel, Bento Box Entertainment, Shout! Factory, Mondo Media, Six Point Harness and Fusion Network. 

Matt worked as animator, designer and art director on Guff Media’s web series “Grandma vs. The Internet.” Matt is also a juggling performer and has been featured on ABC’s “The Gong Show” and L.A. Live. They are a regular at Flappers Comedy Club’s kids show “Two Milk Minimum” as well as various comedy and variety shows around Los Angeles.


2020 – Hell Den  – animated series (animator of four episodes)  

2017 – Grandma vs. The Internet – animated series (director of two episodes)  

2015 - #ModernMillennial – short, documentary (animator)