Welcome To Siegheilkirchen, dir. Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Santiago López Jover

For adults
Full-lenght films

Small Austrian town, 1960s. Son of innkeepers, known as Snotty Boy, is sick of the armpit of a town he lives in. Everything in there is just too narrow for him - hearts, minds, even trousers. The town is ruled by lardy bigots and desperate die-hard Nazis. Gendarme goes about his duties in a state of intoxication, parish priest is a violent bully, and barber would like to be the new Führer. The snotty boy can certainly draw and has very keen eyes. His cartoons, adressed to natives and their weak spots, evoke gales of laughter and definitely hit the nail on the head. Satirical comedy and visually stunning film is inspired by the story of Austrian cartoonist and graphic artist, Manfred Deix and his coming of age. The tale about talent and love emerge is a tribute to late artist who died in 2016. All characters are in fact Deix works called to life.


  • Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France
  • Giffoni International Film Festival, Italy
  • Zurich Film Festival; Switzerland
  • Sitges Film Festival; Spain
  • Animest, Romania
  • Warsaw Film Festival, Poland

Markus H. Rosenmüller

Born in Tegernsee, Bavaria, in 1973. Markus H. Rosenmüller studied at University of Television and Film Munich (HFF München), where he shot his graduation film, Hotel Deepa in Pune, India. His debut feature film, Grave Decisions (Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot), was shot in 2006. The comedy about a mischevious boy from upper Austria and his fears of purgatory gathered audience of nearly two million in Germany itself. In 2011, Rosenmüller made My Life in Orange (Sommer in Orange), a comedy about a group of Berlin Bhagwan devotees who move to a small province in Upper Bavaria. 

Rosenmüller achieved international success with fiction film, The Keeper (2018 Trautmann), in which David Kross played the legendary Manchester United goalkeeper, Bert Trautmann. Welcome to Siegheilkirchen is his animated film directorial debut.


  • 2003 - Hotel Deepa in Pune, India; director (short film) 
  • 2006 - Grave Decisions; director (comedy)
  • 2011 - My Life in Orange; director (comedy)
  • 2012 - Pension Freiheit; director (comedy, crime story) 
  • 2014 - Best Chance; director (comedy-drama) 
  • 2018 - The Keeper, director (biographical film, drama) 
  • 2019 - Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror; director (comedy, family-friendly) 
  • 2020 - Dreiviertelblut – Weltraumtouristen; director (documentary) 

Santiago López Jover 

Santiago was born on 28th November 1980. He is a director, animator, storyboard artist and animation director with over fifteen years of experience. For a couple of years he worked as an animator in a respected Irish studio, Cartoon Salon, working on such Oscar-nominated productions as Song of the Sea or Late Afternoon. He cooperated with various European film studios, such as Ankama, Boulder Media, Hampa Studio i Arxanima. A Hologram for the King starring Tom Hanks and The Prophet by Roger Allers are also notable productions in his achievements.


  • 2009 - Margarita; amination director (short film) 
  • 2012 - Moon man; animator (animation, sci – fi) 
  • 2012 - The Prophet; animator (animation, drama) 
  • 2014 - Song of the Sea; animator (drama, animation) 
  • 2015 - Violet; animator (short film, animation) 
  • 2019 - A Hologram for the King; animator (comedy-drama) 
  • 2017 - Late Afternoon; animator (short film, animation) 
  • 2018 - The Bird and the Whale; character animator (short film)