Words, animation, improvisation - live performance

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For adults
07.00 PM
PLN 15 in pre-sale / PLN 20 on the day of the performance
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Words, animation, improvisation - live performance

On April 14th 2024, at 7 p.m., in the cinema and performing arts hall of Emcek, the SzaFoFe Group and Trzecia Łąka will perform for you. They will improvise a number of scenes inspired by quotes from animation, which the director of dubbing dialogues, Bartosz Wierzbięta, had the opportunity to dub.The icing on the cake will be some dubbed retro animations.

A few words about improv groups:

Graphics with the words Szafofe. Silhouettes of a woman and three men around a sunflower.

SzaFoFe: An improvised comedy group - they create unforgettable stories based on suggestions from the audience, and these stories will never be repeated. They like to have fun, both serving and participating in it.

Graphic with the inscription The Last Meadow. Two women with glasses, dressed in colorful cotton tracksuits. Both of them stand in a leaning pose on the roof of a building, with fragments of other buildings in the background.

Trzecia Łąka: a duo consisting of Agnieszka Szałkowska and Jagoda Ptaszyńska. They performed together in the wymyWammy improvised theater for 12 years. Privately and officially, friends. They like to laugh.