13th Animocje. What's on Friday's menu? [April 19]


13th Animocje. What's on Friday's menu? [April 19]

Friday's menu looks like this:

MENU - April 19 (FRIDAY)

(late) BREAKFAST at the Orzeł Cinema

1.00 PM, free entry

Impossible figures - writing a triptych, masterclass with Martą Pajek, ok 90’

SECOND BREAKFAST at Music Cafe Szpulka

4.00 PM, free entry

Q&A with guests and authors, 50’  

DINNER at the Orzeł Cinema

5.00 PM, tickets PLN 7

International Competition IV, 75'

DESSERT with umami flavor

6.30 PM, tickets PLN 12

Umami. And Despite It All, World Makes Some Kind of Sense, curator: Aleksandra Ławska, 73’

(late) DINNER in a music style

Rother's Mills, Mill room, 1st floor

8.30, free entry, you can get free tickets at the MCK ticket office and Rother's Mill

KOŃ plays for animations - concert of the KOŃ band for animated films, 60’

Bon apetit!