Barbara became the face of the new campaign!

Our Barbara The octopus became the face of the campaign implemented by CCC in Bydgoszcz, encouraging to look after your body and soul during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea of #JakBarbara (#LikeBarbara) action emerged from the need to introduce a positive message to the public space and raise the issue of safety rules in a new way and in alanguage different from the one that is common in the media. The campaign emphasizesthe role of culture in our everyday life during the pandemic time. In a funny way, it encourages to follow the basic safety rules and presents Barbara’s ideas for pandemic life in a series of short animated movies.  

We can see Barbara in the scenes from her life, dealing with the reality. Barbara looks after her tentacles. She disinfects each of them carefully, often causing gigantic lines to the counter. She is not afraid to put on a mask, even a cosmetic one. She keeps fit, she doesn’t avoid little pleasures and during the lock-down, she feeds her head with culture online. 

The movies were created in the clay animation by Monika Kuczyniecka. She is a graduate of Leon Wyczółkowski High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz and Poznań Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of the Polish Filmmakers Association. Using plasticine and stop motion technique, she creates colorful and vivid film worlds. She is an author of animated music videos for Renata Przemyk, Bajzel, Jerz Igor, Czesław Mozil, Voo Voo and Dagadana.

#jakBarbara campaign includes social media activities (FB, YouTube, Instagram). It additionally involves some creations that will soon appear in the streets of Bydgoszcz. After reopening cinemas, the spots with Barbara will be also presented on the screen of Orzeł Cinema.


Are you curious what Barbara’s tipsfor the pandemic life are? Check out: