Bring gifts for Barbara (Polish version sounds better: Przynieś dary dla Barbary)

So listen, the concept is that this year we're making a Barbara that fulfills all of the society's vibrant needs.

This will be the Barbara. 🐙 Do you know what we will do thanks to it? We'll open doubters eyes. Look! 👀 - we'll say - this here is ours. Done by us and it's not even our final form❗

The catch is we won't achieve it without you. Hence our call 🙏🏻: please revisit and clear your wardrobes (isn't the Spring the best time for that?) and share with us with all RED sweatshirts, blankets, fleece, blouses. In zero waste spirit we will give them a second life. What are looking for?

👚 sweatshirts
👚 knits (the buffier the better)
👚 fleece
👚 heavy blouses
👚 blankets

in all red tints possible (other colors are of no use for us). Most apprieciated are plain knits with no ornaments and clean. The collection place will be @Galeria Wspólna, where you can be bringing stuff every day, monday - friday between 10.00 and 17.00. Due: end of March. Will you help, please?

♻️ ANIMOCJE DIY. Przynieś dary dla Barbary / Bring gifts for Barbara
📅 25.02 - 31.03.2020 (Monday - Friday)
🕙 hour: 10.00 - 17.00
📍 Galeria Wspólna, Batorego Street 1/3