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It's safe to say that masterclasses are already a tradition at Festival Animocje. This time we host two world-famous animators: Bill Plympton - the king of independent animation and the creator of the first full-length animated film drawn entirely by hand and Marta Pajek - an independent creator of animated films, author of the animated triptych "Impossible Figures and Other Stories", the third part of which had its premiere at the Cannes Festival.

During the meetings, they will serve us delicacies in the form of secrets of the animator's work. Registration is required for both events, so get on your keyboard and sign up!

19.04.2024, 1.00 PM, Orzeł Cinema - Impossible Figures - writing a triptych. Masterclass with Marta Pajek

20.04.2024, 2.00 PM, Orzeł Cinema - How to survive in the world of independent animation. Masterclass with Bill Plympton