Dariusz Gackowski

Octopus were handed out - meet the authors of the awarded films

We are presenting the winners of the 12th International Animated Film Festival ANIMOCJE!

The jury consisting of Anastazja Naumenko, Daniel Šuljić and Mateusz Jarmulski decided to give the following awards

Grand Prix and PLN 5.000

  • Garrano, dir. Vasco Sá, David Doutel, Portugal
    This film is a deadly drama at the edge of society and a city, executed with masterful skills.

Film Award of the Marshal’s Office of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for the Director of the Best Polish Film and PLN 5.000

  • Impossible Figures and other Stories I, dir. Marta Pajek, Poland, Canada
    Skilfully executed story of the fading ability to keep up with the present, when the only thing which is left are recollections of the youth you never meant to comprehend before losing it once and for all.

Best Music Video and PLN 1.000

  • Be Gone, m. KNIVESRAIN, dir. Sijia Luo, China
    For using AI without compromising on uniqueness of author's voice and vision

Special mentions in International Competition and PLN 1.000 (each)

  • Letter To a Pig, dir.. Tal Kantor, France, Izrael
    A film with a different view on a mankind tragedy, where a new generation wants to free themselves from the burdens of the past, and find their own path to the present and life.
  • Above the Clouds, dir. Vivien Hárshegyi, Hungary
    In an explosion of emotions this film reminds us, in a funny playful way, how it is when you fall in love very young.
  • El After del Mundo, dir. Florentina Gonzalez, Argentina
    IThe calming poetry about the end of the world, when we finally release ghosts of the everyday pressures and just follow the music.
  • Patient's Mind, dir. Zhiheng Wang, China,
    For original narrative and posing questions about consciousness, for attempting to look inside the labyrinth of the human’s mind.

Special mention in Music Video Competition

  • Hungry Ghost, m. Kaitlin McSweeney, dir. Guido Devadder, Belgium
    For an oneiric story from the borderland of dream and abstraction about the moment when our consciousness falls asleep creating a hypnotic journey.

Junior Jury consisting of Julia Kubiak, Maria Blacha and Wiktor Jabłoński awarded


  • Letter To a Pig, dir. Tal Kantor, France, Israel
    This film tells a story of scars left after the war trauma in the minds of people who experienced it, and of their being misunderstood by the surrounding world, especially by the young people, brought up in the post-war reality. The quality of the movie is impressive in terms of aesthetics and technique. The combination of digital, traditional media, rotoscoping has been executed consciously and produces an excellent effect. Also the stylization corresponds well with the message of the film. Its narration leaves  room for interpretation of the theme and allows the viewer to draw a subjective moral.

Special Mention

  • A Brief History of Us, dir. Etgar Keret, Polska, Izrael
    This film strongly stood out visually among its competitors, very interestingly and artistically presenting the given issue. The comparison between evolution of relationship and human evolution was amazingly poetic. Aesthetic minimalism and evident playing with form linger in the memory.

The jury of the Team of Film Educators composed of Agnieszka Piotrowska-Prażuch, Artur Lecybil and Katarzyna Jaruszewicz-Kot awarded the prize and special mentions in the Films for Children and Young Adults Competition

Award and PLN 1.000

  • Home of the Heart, dir. Sarah Saidan, France
    For portraying an individual against a big city. Broaching a relevant and current subject related to the search of identity, alienation and emigration. The film asks questions: does a place determine our humanity and is the proverb Home is where the heart is still valid? The story is full of symbols and metaphors, which add it depth and bring the viewer the satisfaction of looking for hidden meanings. The richness of interpretive forms and subjects for discussion with young audience. The light and finesse drawing, with its heart beating on the Seine, combined with the story told, will make those who are not so convinced about this form of art finally love animation.

Special Mentions

  • Luce and the Rock, dir. Britt Raes, Belgium
  • Mr. T/ Monsieur T, dir. Etienne Husson and Marta Daeuble, France
  • The Turnip/ Naeris, dir. Piret Sigus and Silja Saarepuu, Estonia

The Audience Award in the International Competition and Music Video Competition goes to

  • Night of the Living Dread, dir. Ida Melum, UK

The Audience Award in the Films for Children and Young Adults Competition goes to

  • Franzy’s Soup-Kitchen/ La Soupe de Franzy, dir. Ana Chubinidze (CZUBINANDZE), France