Dariusz Gackowski (Szymon Andrzejewski in the photo)

Record number of entries to competitions!

We have finished the recruitment for competitions that are going to take place as part of the 11th International Animated Film Festival Animocje.

The number of films submitted to us exceeded our estimates a bit. We have received a record number of entries in the festival's history - over 3,200 films. This is at least 3 times more than during the previous years. This amount has made us very happy of course, because it proves the great interest in our competition.

Films from the United States, France and Iran predominate among the competition entries, but we also received productions from Iceland, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, Panama and Senegal.

Our selectors are now facing quite a challenge, they have over 343 hours of movies to watch. The titles of the films selected for the competitions will be announced at the end of February.

A novelty this year is going to be a music video competition and an extensive selection of competition films for children and teenagers