Turkish movie “Wicked Girl” wins Animated Movies Festival ANIMOCJE

The International Jury decided to hand GRAND PRIX - the Bydgoszcz Award for the Best Animated Film - to a Turkish animator, Ayce Kartal, for his movie titled „Wicked Girl”. The other prizes were awarded to filmmakers from Poland, Romania, Germany and France.

The winning movie is a story of an eight-year-old girl, who must fight some murky memories from her childhood during her stay in hospital. “Wicked girl” is a masterpiece of laborious work, made of 10 000 drawings that together tell a horrifying story of child gang rapes in Turkey.

Ayce Kartal is a graduate of animation in Eskişehir, Turkey, Australia and New York Film Academy. His short animated movies won nearly 100 prizes in festivals all over the worlds and now the award from Bydgoszcz is to join them!

Poland, France, Germany, Romania

The remaining awards were shared by animators from Poland, France and Germany. Special mentions in the International Competition were given to “Nocturne” by Anne Breymann from Germany – for unsettling and original plasticity, and “Riot” by Frank Ternier from France – for using dance and music to illustrate important social issues.

“O matko!” by Paulina Ziółkowska was considered the Best Polish Film, and “Made in France” by a French director and animator Akhabbar Lamia - the Best Film for Kids.

The festival audience decided to award „The Best Customer” by Serghei Chivirig from Romania.

Animocje bring out emotions to the world

Over 600 artistic animations from a few dozen countries were submitted to the competitions of Animocje this year. They were judged by the international jury, including award-winning animators from Spain and Poland - Anna Solanas, Renata Gąsiorowska, Marc Riba, Tomasz Siwiński and a musician of Schizma hard core band - Arkadiusz „Pestka” Wiśniewski.

During Animocje a great film event took place: „The Breadwinner” was screened in Poland for the first time! This feature animated movie was nominated to Oscar and Golden Globe Award, and won six important awards for animated productions - Annie Awards. It was directed by Nora Twomey and produced by Angelina Jolie.

As usual, also Dubbing Achievement Award was granted. It was given to an outstanding film, television, theatre and radio actor, Krzysztof Kowalewski.

International Animated Movies Festival Animocje took place from 8 to 14 April 2018 in Kino Orzeł, in the Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz. The head of the institution is Marzena Matowska and the director of the Festival is Weronika Płaczek.  The festival website is:

P.S. Animocje promote stars! We have just heard some exciting news: the winner of Animocje 2017, Marta Pajek, has a chance to win the Golden Palm in Cannes. Her animated movie “III” was qualified to the short films competition.

Let us recall: Pajek won last year festival with her movie “Impossible figures and other stories” („Figury niemożliwe i inne historie II”). The picture shown in Cannes is a sequel of the production presented in Bydgoszcz.

The verdict of the 8th International Animated Movies Festival ANIMOCJE

GRAND PRIX - the Bydgoszcz Award for the Best Animated Film

Ayce Kartal “WICKED GIRL” (Turkey)

Comment: For a brilliant combination of a horrifying story and the sensitivity of a child’s perception

Special Mention in the International Competition

Anne Breymann “NOCTURNE” (Germany)

Comment:  For unsettling and original plasticity

Special Mention in the International Competition

Frank Ternier “RIOT” (France)

Comment:  For using dance and music to illustrate important social issues

The Best Latest Polish Movie

Paulina Ziółkowska “O MATKO!” (Poland)

Comment: For artfully picturing a mother and son relationship through sensual and beautiful animation

Best Film for Kids

Akhabbar Lamia „MADE IN FRANCE” (France)

Audience Award

Serghei Chiviriga „THE BEST CUSTOMER” (Romania)

Animated Movie Dubbing Achievement Award