Virtual Spring: Virtual Small Animocje and Virtual Animocje 365

Dear Viewers, cinema lovers,

In connection with the closing of the cinemas and the suspension of the 10th Animocje festival, we have prepared internet "projections" for you and your children. We searched our memory and the Internet to gather in one place the most interesting short animations available for young age and young at heart cinema lovers.

Four sets of films were created, which in the form of playlists will be available to you on the given dates and times:

Virtualn Small Animocje

  • 19.04. at 10 am - 4+

Do you know what little bats do at night? Or what happens to lost socks? Can trams have adventures? The answers to these questions can be found in the first Virtual Small Animation set. However, this is not all. You will also meet many unique characters and their amazing adventures.

A small giraffe will find a friend with an exceptionally long neck, a small bird will have to deal with a caterpillar and a fox, and the house will set out to look for a family living in it. You will discover the extraordinary inhabitants of the exotic island and the peculiar sheep that parents are worried about. You will also meet characters from Greek mythology and a boy with a sombrero and a cheerful lama.

Here you will find movies from this program.

  • 17.05. at 10 am - 7+

We invite you to another dose of good animated cinema and the second part of Virtual Small Animocje - this time for viewers aged 7+. The playlist we have prepared consists of the more than an hour set of 9 films for children created by the best animators from around the world.

This is the second movie set prepared for the youngest cinema lovers as part of the Bydgoszcz Virtual Spring - after animations for preschoolers, the time has come for films for slightly older children.

We have collected the most interesting available short animations, and we will make them available for you on May 17 at 10.00 on and on Virtual Small Animocje vol. 2 is a set of nine films that not only enraptures with the aesthetics of the image, but also tell stories that the youngest viewers can identify with, find their own dreams or dilemmas in them.

Among the titles we chose was the story of a girl who dreams of becoming a pilot, a shy boy wanting to make friends with a school friend, or about the great desire of a young man to spend the rest of his life in the depths of the ocean. It will also be about a peculiar guest who keep our house clean and about our grandparents, whose world, so different from ours sometimes, can become an inspiration for great fun. It will also be about how valuable it is to find out who we are and where, and above all, how we would like to live. There are also films about friendship and acceptance, including this most important, parental.

Here you will find movies from this program.

Virtual Small Animocje, May 17 at 10.00, and

Virtual Animocje 365

  • 28.04. at 7 pm, Animated gallows humor

You could see that animated films are not only children's cartoons during all nine editions of the International Animated Film Festival Animocje. This year we were to invite you to the 10th edition of the festival, but the pandemic has thwarted our plans. However, we will not leave you with nothing - we have prepared for you a unique playlist of animated films for adult viewers. There will be nine movies that share a common denominator - dark humor. Because in times of forced isolation it is important to keep laughing at really serious matters.

The first edition of Virtual Animocje 365 will be available for you on Tuesday, April 28 at 19.00. It's difficult to single out the best of the nine films we propose, because they are all really worth watching. Not wanting to reveal the titles and spoil the surprises, we will say that the grotesque will mix with absurdity, situational comic will often surprise you, and the themes of the movies may seem controversial at first glance. There will also be some bittersweet stories, reflective tales of transience and death, or English humor at its best.

When we were choosing movies for Virtual Animocje 365, just like when we were choosing the festival repertoire for the annual Animocje, the aesthetics of the produced image, unconventional use of traditional techniques, as well as new contexts that allow you to constantly rediscover animated cinema were important to us.

Here you will find movies from this program.

  • 19.05. at 7 pm, A little scary, a little funny

We invite you to the second portion of good cinema as part of Virtual Animocje 365 - this time we focused on horror cinema - a real thrill awaits you, but - as it happens in animations - interspersed with a large dose of humor and absurdity.

In order not to spoil you with any surprises, we don't reveal the titles - but just like in the first edition of the series, our playlist consists of nine titles awarded at festivals and reviews of animated cinema. And if there is to be terror, then there must also be zombies - in one of the films they will appear in a slightly different role than usual and will rub against modern pedagogy and social rehabilitation.

Terror also hangs in an animation in which the main characters are some ... mollusks - they will have to cope with a really big challenge and - to avoid the worst - get out of the place where they accidentally found themselves.

Horror, however, is not just dark alleys, vampires and scary characters. Horror can also happen behind the closed doors of your fridge - one of the animations proposed by us will tell you about it and it can really frighten you.

There will also be love stories, and in one of them a great, crazy love will carry a huge dose of fear and even paranoid terror. The titles also include the animated short film noir, which explores the role of the individual in society.

Finally - the icing on the cake - in one of the films we will hear familiar voices - these include Mike Patton from Faith No More with music composed by John Kaad, whom we hosted at the ICC (MCK) during a concert at the FONOMO Festival in 2018.

Here you will find movies from this program.

Movies will be available in the form of a link to on the website and in the event (Small Animocje and Animocje 365) and profile of Animocje on Facebook.

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