Virtual Spring: Short and to the point ... Animocje 365 and the Orzeł Cinema recommend.

We invite you to the new film series as part of the Virtual Spring 2020. Animocje and Orzeł Cinema together have prepared a playlist of short movies for you.

Their common denominator will be the point - different on each playlist and shown from different perspectives of selected filmmakers. All in the context of an ongoing pandemic in the world.

We will publish playlists on Fb/Animocje, Fb/KinoOrzeł as well as

  • 02.06., at 8 pm - FAMILY

The main topic of the first playlist will be family. Because it is the family we spend the most time with - in the case of forced quarantine this time even more. And despite the fact that free time in the family circle is something that many have longed for, staying constantly in one apartment with even close relatives might be sometimes difficult.

Weronika Płaczek, head of the Animocje Festival and Szymon Idczak from the Orzeł Cinema decided to take a close look at family relationships. Of course through the film. They chose 6 images for you - three animations and three liveaction films, which show family correlations from various points of view.

You'll see, among others the story of a man for whom the world and perception of his own family change after one phone call from his sister. There will also be a story about settling down with painful childhood memories and an important figure that every boy has in his father's life. In a surreal way, the story of his origin will be told by one of the characters in the film, and another will struggle with not always pleasant memories of the past when selling a family home. We will also see a touching picture about how much we can sacrifice to protect our own child.

The films will be presented in English.

Short and to the point... FAMILY, link to the playlist.

  • 09.06., at 8 pm - IZOLATION

This time the theme will be distance, isolation and loneliness. Because during a pandemic it was these feelings that accompanied us more often than usual, despite the fact that we often spent whole weeks with loved ones. But in the films selected by Weronika Płaczek, head of the Animocje Festival and Szymon Idczak from the Orzeł Cinema, these emotions are shown not only as a lack. Because the state of seclusion does not necessarily bring only suffering. It is often an impulse for deep reflection or an opportunity to look at oneself and relationships with others with greater attention.

The playlist is six films - three animated and three acting. Among them you will be able to see a story about a seemingly quiet space, which is constantly bursting with chaos, accident, event that knocks us out of our daily routine.

It will also be about how to build a close relationship despite physical distance. You will also see an excellent animation about how surprisingly you can try to get out of the social phobia and motivate yourself to cross the threshold of your own door. Moments of reflection will in turn force a picture about people who live in isolation as if "naturally", with all the pros and cons of being at a distance with others. You will also see an animated film about how to be together while maintaining your own individuality.

The films will be presented in English.

Short and to the point... IZOLATION, link to the playlist.


  • 16.06., at 8 pm - BOREDOM

The theme of the third playlist will be boredom, which is inherently associated with sitting at home, especially prolonged and forced, as it was during the first weeks of the pandemic. But we are bored not only at home. Tedium gets us at work and on vacation, at business meetings or family dinners. Boredom also takes its toll on relationships. But sometimes it has positive consequences - from boredom, ideas that we would never have come up with can be born. And finally - boring can be just pleasant from time to time.

Those who, however, are looking for a way to kill boredom, will enjoy our film proposal. This time the playlist prepared jointly by Weronika Płaczek, head of the Animocje Festival and Szymon Idczak from the Orzeł Cinema is as many as seven films - four animated, two acting and one documentary, in which boredom is changed by all cases. But you won't get bored while watching.

Among our proposals is a film about what happens when seemingly nothing happens. And what can create our mind and create our body when we remain seemingly passive waiting for the proverbial Godot. It will also be about what can run in us so. free time and what strange, sometimes absurd activities we decide to do to ... just do something.

There will also be an opportunity to watch an excellent animation about what dullness can begin for a relationship of two people. Selected films also include an actor short film about what monotonous work is doing with us and how hard - despite appearances - to escape from it.

We will also show an animation about what can happen when someone unexpectedly pulls us away from everyday routine, as well as a film about meeting the inevitable, about the power of consistent pursuit of the goal. An interesting proposition will also be a film whose main theme is variations on various thoughts circling our minds, acts that we bravely design in the mind, but we would rather not make them in reality. And they don't necessarily come to our minds of boredom.

Short and to the point... BOREDOM, link to the playlist.