We completed the selection of films for the competition


Along with the stroke of midnight, on December 31, 2020, we completed the selection of films for the competition taking place as part of the 10th Animocje Festival.

We received nearly 700 films. Most of the animations are from Poland (119), France (63) and Spain (40), but the list of the applied productions includes films from all over the world, including Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Iraq, Dominican Republic and Egypt.

After the initial selection we already know that the submitted films, as always, touch on various topics, stimulate the imagination and arouse a whole spectrum of emotions. That is why the competition, which is one of the main parts of the festival, is an excellent opportunity to learn about the topics that have occupied creators of animated films in recent years.

The selection committee, which is Remigiusz Zawadzki, Łukasz Wiese and Weronika Płaczek, is already watching the films, and the selection results will be published at the end of February.