Which films will compete in the 12th IAFF ANIMOCJE competitions?

Here is the full list of films qualified for the 12th IAFF Animocje - what a thrill!

"There were so many days to lose strength, there were so many moments to lose breath" - as one of the famous Polish songs says, it is how this year's selection could be described. Of course, we are flattered that we can once again say - we have received a record number of applications - but it also involves a huge amount of work in film selection. Fortunately, firstly we love animations, and secondly we have one-of-a-kind selectors, and this year they were: Mariia Snisarenko, Dominik Wierski, Weronika Placzek and Olga Bobrowska, and thanks to them we are giving you the full list of qualified films, so feast your eyes and look forward to April, when we will meet at Play-offs, and then the main part of the festival!

International Competition for the Bydgoszcz Prize for the Best Animated Film

  • Wild & Woolly, Alan Jennings, USA
  • Small Hours, Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling, Ireland
  • Very, Very, Tremendously, Guangli Liu, France
  • Louis I. King of the Sheep, Markus Wulf, Germany
  • Garrano, Vasco Sá, David Doutel, Portugal
  • Patient's Mind, Zhiheng Wang, China
  • One Last Wish, Based on "What, Of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?", Etgar Keret,     Galia Osmo, Israel
  • Mr. Xifro's morning, Marc Riba, Anna Solanas, Spain
  • Slow Light, Kijek/Adamski, Poland
  • Steakhouse, Špela Čadež, Slovenia, France, Germany
  • Love, Dad, Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Czech Republic
  • Letter to a Pig, Tal Kantor, Israel
  • Night of the Living Dread, Ida Melum
  • Miracasas, Raphaëlle Stolz, Switzerland
  • A brief history of us, Etgar Keret, Poland
  • 3 geNARRATIONS, Paulina Ziółkowska, Poland
  • Impossible figures and other stories I, Marta Pajek, Poland Canada
  • Blooming brain, Edyta Adamczak, Poland
  • Half empty, Katarzyna Orłowska, Poland
  • Despera, Alicja Liss, Poland
  • Kate is Not Alone, Viktória Réka Szekér, Hungary
  • El After del Mundo, Florentina Gonzalez, Argentina
  • Above the clouds, Vivien Hárshegyi, Hungary
  • Spheres, Anais Scheeck, France
  • On the bottom of the laundry bag, Adele Razkövi, Austria
  • Juice, Mona Keil, Germany
  • Hot Buns, Calleen Koh, Singapore
  • Amok, Balázs Turai, Hungary
  • The square city, Ruth Lam, On Wa Chow, Ka Lok Liu, Hongkong
  • Whale’s song, Adeline Faye, France

Films for Children and Young Adults Competition


  • Franzy’s Soup-Kitchen, Ana Chubinidze, France
  • Luce and the Rock, Britt Raes, Belgium
  • Odo - Piosenka Dudzi (odc. 4), Mikołaj Pilchowski, Piotr Szczepanowicz, Poland
  • Spuffies, Jaka Ivanc, Slovenia
  • Little rain worms, Jaromír Gál, Czech Republic


  • Giggle Wiggle – Hot Summer Day, Marzena Nehrebecka, Poland
  • Tankboy, Novella, Singapore
  • Toying Box, Vivek Prakash, India
  • Letters From the Edge of the Forest, Jelena Oroz, Croatia
  • I want to be a know-nothing-at-all- Petit T03, Bernardita Ojeda, Chile
  • I'm Not Afraid!, Marita Mayer, Norway
  • Lost Brain, Isabelle Favez, Switzerland


  • The Queen of the Foxes, Marina Rosset, Switzerland
  • Snoozy the Badger, David Súkup, Czech Republic
  • The Turnip, Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu, Estonia
  • The Boy and the Elephant, Sonia Gerbeaud, France
  • Marea, Giulia Martinelli, Switzerland
  • Sister, Kasia K. Pieróg, Poland
  • Death of The Gods, Leto Stojanovic Meade, UK


  • The Cave, Jinman Kim, South Korea
  • Home of the heart, Sarah Saidan, France
  • The Story of Chaos, Yu Qing Quek, Singapore
  • Black Slide, Uri Lotan, Israel
  • Old Gramophone’s Ghostly Tones, Zuzana Čupová, Martina Tomková, Kryštof Ulbert, Czech Republic
  • Lovely Rita, Elena Madrid, Switzerland
  • Mr. T, Etienne HUSSON, France


  • Death at the bus stop, Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen, Norway
  • Sierra, Sander Joon, Estonia
  • Holy Holocaust, Osi Wald, Noa Berman-Herzberg, Israel
  • How I Grew Up, Yufei Liu, Yike Cen, Jiawei Li, China
  • Cromosoma X, Lucia Bulgheroni, Italy
  • Oh So Convenient, Huei Jen Hung, Taiwan
  • Come On, Let's Live, Collective, Belgium
  • RISE, Nahuel Garcia, The Netherlands
  • The Garbage Man, Laura Gonçalves, Portugal

Music Videos Competition

  • Transparent Black and Iron Rich Red, Mario Kreill Cirillo, Isabel Emily Wiegand, Italy
  • Fuites Cathodiques, Charlie Mars, France
  • Bullshit Assymetry Principle, Ugo Vittu, France
  • Mamour, Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA, France
  • Built To Spill - Gonna Lose, Jordan Minkoff, Lee McClure, Canada
  • Object of Life, Jack James Parry, Australia
  • El Huracán, César Pérez, Spain
  • GIVE ME RICE, Jin Woo,
  • Observatory, Wiesia Ruta, Poland
  • Cool Party, Simon Medard, Belgium
  • Zen for TV, Aga Jarząb, Maciek Bączyk, Poland
  • Day In My Dream . Pei-Hsin Cho, Taiwan
  • Estem estalvis – Picot, Daniel Pitarch, Spain
  • Hungry Ghost, Guido Devadder, Belgium
  • I Am Machine, Robbie Shilstone, USA
  • A Shaman's Tale, Jules Guérin, France
  • In Harmony, Markus Svendsen Øvre, UK
  • Water Lullaby, Piotr Kaźmierczak, Poland
  • Los colores del niño dios - Las monjas en celo, Santiago Pérez Rodríguez, Colombia
  • Be Gone, Sijia Luo, China
  • ECHT! - 500GR, Simon Breeveld, Belgium
  • Lame' – PowerSnap, Meital Ner, Israel
  • NADASÉ – Fuzzy Bumble, Łukasz Rusinek, Poland


Filmyzakwalifikowane do "Do-grywki" będą oceniane przez widzki i widzów.Animacja z największą procentowo ilością głosów wejdzie z dziką kartą doKonkursu Międzynarodowego.

  • Passenger, Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina,
  • Birds Whose Legs Break Off, Dirk Verschure, Germany
  • Seniors 3000, Julien David, France
  • A Goat's Spell, Gerhard Funk, Germany
  • Yugo, Carlos Gómez Salamanca, France
  • Sisters, Andrea Szelesová, Czech Republic
  • Salvation Has No Name, Joseph Wallace, UK
  • The Smile, Erik van Schaaik, The Netherlands
  • A Film About a Pudding, Roel Van Beek, UK
  • Bear Hug , Margrethe Danielsen, France
  • The Pink Jacket, Mónica Santos, Portugal
  • An Evening With Father, Zachary Margolis, USA
  • The Benefactors, Christophe Lopez-Huici, Switzerland
  • Woman Child Husband, Kushal Kishore, India

Congratulations to all the direstors!!
12. IAFF Animocje will be held on April 16-22, 2023. See you soon!