Films for children Competition: grade IV-VI

Short films
For children
Competition screenings
10.30 am


Kapaemahu, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, Stany Zjednoczone / USA, 2020, 8’28”

Kapaemahutells the long forgotten story of four mahu, extraordinary beings of dual maleand female spirit who brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii.  Beloved by the people for their gentle waysand miraculous cures, they imbued four giant boulders with their powers.  Although the stones still stand on Waikiki Beach, the true story behind them has been hidden – until now.

דוא העץ/ Gen Tree, Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler, Izrael / Israel, 2020, 3’07”

In a town where the adults live on ground level and children refuse to come down from the treetops, a series of interviews sets out to discover - what is it exactly that the generations misunderstand about each other? This animated documentary highlights the absurdity of childhood, adult-ness, the internet, and generational gaps.

Precieux / Precious, Paul Mas, Francja / France, 2020, 14’

Julie can't fit into her school. The arrival of Emile, an autistic child, will change the game...

L'île Sans Nom / The Nameless Island, Caméra Etc Collectif, Belgia / Belgium, 2020, 6’53”

There sidents of the Nameless Island live in harmony when suddenly a horrible dictator takes the power to impose his law. A wind of rebellion then blows on the Nameless Island…

Nestor, João Gonzalez, Wielka Brytania, Portugalia / UK, Portugal, 2020, 6’

Nestor, a man with several obsessive-compulsive behaviours lives in an unstable house boat which never stops oscillating.

Roberto, Carmen Córdoba González, Hiszpania / Spain, 2020, 9’

Roberto has been in love with his neighbor across the street his whole life, waiting for her to be capable of facing her monsters...

7 kozliyat / The 7 Kids, Marina Karpova, Rosja / Russia, 2020, 5’20”

The funny trick story based on "The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats" fairytale.

Traces, Hugo Frassetto, Sophie Tavert Macian, Francja, Belgia / France, Belgium, 2019, 13’

Thirty six thousand years ago, in the Ardèche river gorge, when an animal was painted,it was hunted. When it is again time to go Hunting and Painting, Gwel is appointed head of the group of hunters while Karou the Painter and his apprentice Lani set off to paint the walls of the great cavern.

Akordeon Dziadka Remka /Grandpa Remek’s Accordion, Daria Kopiec, Polska / Poland, 2019, 2’44”

Grandfather Remek’s accordion – Maciek tells the story of his family. The film is composed of memories of the grandfather, a taxi driver, whose passion was music and playing the accordion.

Dinosaures: La Vraie Histoire /Dinosaurs: The True Story, Paul-Louis Aeberhardt, Francja / France, 2020, 4’22”

As dinosaurs take their first steps on the moon, a giant asteroid heads towards Earth. On earth, the JASA (Jurassic Aeronautics and Space Administration) is active to avoid disaster...

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