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10th IAFF Animocje 2021


Grand Prix nad PLN 1.500

Alexandre Siqueira for the film Purpleboy

The Best Polish Film and PLN 1.500

Julia Orlik for the film Jestem Tutaj

Special mentions and PLN 1.500 each

  • Andrey Zidkov for the film Happiness
  • Shaun Clark for the film Angry Dogs
  • Carolina Sandvik for the film The Expected directed
  • Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma for the film Ciervo

The Special Prize from the Junior Jury

Michael Mihalyi & David Stumpf for the film SH*T HAPPENS

The Audience Award in the International Competition

Dina Velikovskaya for the film Ties

The Audience Award in the Films for Children Competition and PLN 1.000

Carmen Córdoba González for the film Roberto

More about the winners in the Animocje 2021 competition.

Score of 10?

We have the 10th Animocje – the jubilee edition, let’s say – ahead of us. What is interesting is that this year the number 10 seems to have its symbolic meaning. Did you know that in numerology, 10 is perceived as closing a cycle and announcement of a new beginning? It results from the combination of 1 and 0 itself, but also, in a sense, from the way of counting from 1 to 10. Presuming that 1 means the beginning, which doesn’t need to be explained, 10 seems to be the end of a chapter, its completion and – paradoxically – the middle of it and the beginning of the following one. In other words, when counting from 1 to 10, we go full circle and come back to the starting point, which is the middle of the circle in the same time. That is why the number 10 is often represented by a circle - a symbol of the eternal cycle – or a point within a circle (can you now picture a dartboard with the symbolic 10 – the highest score – right in the middle?)

And so, we go to the heart of the matter, to the central point mentioned above. Festival Animocje celebrates its 10th birthday this year and it needs to be born again, in a way. Although this necessity was imposed by the pandemic, which we can’t influence, we decided to use it to adjust our festival to the reality of this situation and finally modernize it. And although we would prefer to meet you as every year – in person, in the cinema – we can’t. We went one step further and created a virtual meeting place: the platform Kultureo, where we will present the festival screenings of this year’s edition. Quite apart from us wanting it or not, we accepted the challenge. We rolled up our sleeves, remodelled our thinking about the event and here we are, right at the beginning of the new festival cycle, in the middle of the circle, in the new starting point! Will we score 10? Well, this is a question for you…

Kuba Ignasiak


Junior Jury