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Balance, reż./dir. Raymond Limantara Sutisna, Singapur / Singapore, 2018, 3’36”

A short film about a boy and a girl fighting for painting space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create goes out of control.

Wiercimisie - Gdzie jest Bubi / The Wriggles - Where is Buby, reż./dir. Waldemar Mordarski, Marzena Nehrebecka, Polska / Poland, 2016, 11’

Bubi Bear lets himself to be tempted to go on a night trip. In the morning, when Bubi is still away from his village, his devoted friend Berta decides to help him.

J'ai perdu mon papa / I’ve lost my dad, reż./dir. Grupa 28 dzieci / 28 Children Collective, Belgia / Belgium, 2017, 7’

Picopatate and his dad are visiting the planet Earth. Unfortunately, the small extraterrestrial loses his dad. He leaves to his search…

Princ Ki-Ki-Do: Steklofon / Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Wonder Glass, reż./dir. Grega Mastnak, Słowenia / Slovenia, 2017, 5’05”

In the forest, animals come across an object they have never seen before – a bottle. As it turns out to be a very useful thing, a fierce fight breaks out...

Roobi and Chickens: A Passenger From Space, reż./dir. Babak Nekooei & Behnood NekooeiIran, Iran, 2018, 7’56”

The story revolves around Roobi, a blue fox, and Rooster, an early bird who lives with his family on a farm. Roobi is annoyed by Rooster trying to chase him away.

Czapu, Czipu: Co to tak trzeszczy? / Hee Hee Hatty: What's the cracking?, reż./dir. Bogna Sroka-Mucha, Polska / Poland, 2017, 5’10”

Czapu Czipu is a story of a little boy and his amazing paper hat. It’s a series about visual and sound puzzles. What is hidden in the surprise hat?

Cat Lake City, reż./dir. Antje Heyn, Niemcy / Germany, 2019, 6’41”

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But the place is not as expected.

Meneer Papier gaat uit wandelen / Mister Paper goes out for a walk, reż./dir. Tesseur Ben and De Beul Steven, Belgia / Belgium, 2018, 8’28”

It’s a beautiful day. Mister Paper goes out for a walk. He finds a few old newspapers, takes out his scissors and starts cutting what he needs for the stroll.

Ping-Pong, reż./dir. Myles Hunt, Stany Zjednoczone / United States, 2017, 0’41”

Meet Myles Creative's debut star, Ping-Pong! Keep an eye out for the fun to come as more magic makes its way to you all.