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9th IAFF Animocje 2019


Grand Prix and 4.000 zlotys

Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Min börda / The Burden, Sweden, 2017, 14’45

Special mention and 1.000 zlotys

Sander Joon
Sounds Good, Estonia, 2018, 9’50”

Special mention and 1.000 zlotys

Boris Labbé
La Chute / The Fall, France, 2018, 14’22”

Special mention and 1.000 zlotys

Martina Scarpelli
Egg, France, Denmark, 2018, 12’07”

Best Polish Film and 2.000 zlotys

Aga Jarząb, Maciek Bączyk
25/25, Poland, 2018, 4’20”

A Jury diploma (special mention for polish movie)

Marta Pajek
III, Poland, 2018, 12’

Audience Choice Award

Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Min börda / The Burden, Sweden, 2017, 14’45

Best Film for Children (audience choice)

Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet
Hors Piste, France 2018, 6’01”

Every one of us had a day like this. Strange. Eerie. I had one, too. I open my eyes and… I am in the water. I know it’s Brda river. Don’t ask me why. I just know it. “Ok.” – I’m thinking. – “So this ishow it ends, I drown”. But I don’t. On the contrary, I feel light. I feel joy, nearly euphoric. There’s a cuttlefish passing me, suddenly. Cuttlefish? InBrda? I don’t have much time to think about it, because just behind it there’sa cetacean swimming. Yes, cetacean! And on its back, like on an underwater steed, I see a starfish scorching. And a jellyfish. A crab. A shark, a small one. An eel and an octopus. I feel like I know it.

- Barbara? I ask timidly.
- Yeah, hi – she answerssmiling. You look surprised. Didn’t you expect me?
- Well, you, I did - I answer, although my voice trembles, making bubbles. I certainly didn’t expect so many species in Brda, though!
- Nobody does, cause hardly anybody know about this river she answers. It’s a bit like with animated movies. Most people, when theyhear about them, they think of cartoons for kids. Nothing more wrong! And what about westerns? Horrors? Detective films, comedies? Animation is the cinematography and the cinematography is diversity. Come, you won’t regret!

I came closer, well, swam, actually, and then it… dissolved. Suddenly this whole underwater worldbegan to dry up, turning to something more specific. Confused, I started turning around. I wasn’t at home. I was at the cinema. Orzeł Cinema. But what am I doing here? I look at the dater at my watch – it’s 7 April,2019. Oh right! Animocje begins! For the ninth time. Ballin’.